Details Emerge On Post-K Exascale System With First Prototype

Japanese computer maker Fujitsu, which has four different processors under development at the same time aimed at different workloads in the datacenter – five if you count its digital annealer quantum chip – has unveiled some of the details about the future Arm processor, as yet unnamed, that is being created for the Post-K exascale supercomputer at RIKEN, the research and development arm of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).


HPE Boots Up Sandbox Of The Machine For Early Users

It has been four years since Kirk Bresniker, HPE Fellow, vice president, and chief architect at Hewlett Packard Labs, stood before a crowd of journalists and analysts at the company’s Discover show and announced plans to create a new computing architecture that puts the focus on memory and will eventually use such technologies as silicon photonics and memristors.


Cray Spreads The AI Word To The Masses

Like any emerging technology, artificial intelligence and various components like machine learning and deep learning are getting a lot of hype, with a continuous flow of analyst reports and news stories detailing how they all will change how business is done, research is conducted and operations are run.