tpm_close_cropTimothy Prickett Morgan

Co-Editor, Co-Founder, The Next Platform

Timothy Prickett Morgan brings 32 years of experience as a publisher, IT industry analyst, editor, and journalist for some of the world’s most widely-read high-tech and business publications including The Next Platform, EnterpriseTech, The Register, BusinessWeek, Midrange Computing, IT Jungle, Unigram, The Four Hundred, ComputerWire, Computer Business Review, Computer System News and IBM Systems User.

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Nicole Hemsoth Prickett

Deputy Editor in Chief, Situation Publishing (The Register, The Next Platform, Blocks & Files, DevClass)

Co-Founder, The Next Platform

Nicole Hemsoth brings insight from the world of high performance computing following most recently a career covering supercomputing hardware and software as former Editor in Chief of long-standing supercomputing magazine, HPCwire. She was founding editor and conceptual creator of the data-intensive computing magazine Datanami, as well as the conceptual creator and founding Senior Editor for the large-scale infrastructure focused EnterpriseTech.

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Jeffrey Burt

Senior Editor, The Next Platform

Jeffrey Burt has been a journalist for more than 30 years, with the last 16-plus year writing about the IT industry. During his long tenure with eWeek, he covered a broad range of subjects, from processors and IT infrastructure to collaboration, PCs, AI and autonomous vehicles. He’s written about FPGAs, supercomputers, hyperconverged infrastructure and SDN, cloud computing, deep learning and exascale computing.

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Dan Robinson

Contributing Editor, The Next Platform

Dan Robinson has been a journalist covering computing and information technology for over 25 years, ever since graduating with a degree in IT in the midst of a recession and turning to writing about technology instead. He has previously worked on staff for a number of IT publications in the United Kingdom, most notably enterprise weekly IT Week, before becoming a freelance contributor to many others.

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Dylan Martin

Contributing Author

Dylan Martin has been a journalist for 10 years, and he dived headfirst into the semiconductor beat in 2018 when he started writing about the IT channel ecosystem for CRN. Now he splits his time between The Register and The Next Platform, writing about a variety of topics in the semiconductor industry, including the rise of SaaS strategies employed by the likes of Intel and Nvidia, the ebb and flow of the semiconductor supply chain, the emergence of Arm and RISC-V in the datacenter, and the increasingly competitive field of heterogenous computing.

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Tobias Mann

Contributing Author

Tobias Mann is a journalist covering datacenter infrastructure, networking, and software. Previously he served as an editor at SDxCentral where he covering a sprawling range of topics including switching, routing, optics, and software-defined networking. During his tenure, he also pioneered the publication’s nascent silicon and foundry coverage amidst the worst chip shortage in history.



farberRob Farber

Contributing Author

Rob Farber is a consultant and company co-founder with an extensive background in HPC and a long history of working with national labs and corporations engaged in HPC and enterprise computing. Rob was o-founder of a computational drug discovery and computer manufacturing company that achieved liquidity events.

Rob also has an extensive background in research (the theoretical division at Los Alamos, external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute, NERSC in Berkeley and PNNL in Washington State).Rob has authored and edited several books on GPU and Intel Xeon Phi programming and is the CEO/Publisher of



 PaulTeich4Paul Teich

Contributing Author

Paul Teich is an incorrigible technologist and Principal Analyst at DoubleHorn, covering the emergence of cloud native technologies, products, services, and business models. He is also a contributor to Forbes/Tech. Paul was previously a Principal Analyst at TIRIAS Research and Senior Analyst for Moor Insights & Strategy.

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 Mitch Wagner

Contributing Author

Mitch Wagner is a veteran technology journalist and content marketer, formerly executive editor of Light Reading and Informationweek. He writes, he edits, he hosts podcasts, video and webinars, and he’s active at, @mitchwagner, and Mitch Wagner’s Newsletter. He lives in San Diego with his wife and too many pets. Email Mitch at



Dan Olds

Contributing Author

Dan Olds is an authority on technology trends and customer sentiment and is a frequently quoted expert in industry and business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Computerworld, eWeek, CIO, and PCWorld. In addition to server, storage, and network technologies, Dan closely follows the Big Data, Cloud, and HPC markets. He co-hosts the popular Radio Free HPC podcast, and is the go-to person for the coverage and analysis of the supercomputing industry’s Student Cluster Challenge. Olds is founder and principal analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group (GCG), a boutique IT research and consulting firm whose activities are now part of the offerings. Dan began his career at Sequent Computer, an early pioneer in highly scalable business systems. He was the inaugural lead for the successful server consolidation program at Sun Microsystems, and was at IBM in the strategically important mainframe and Power systems groups. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with a focus on finance and marketing.

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conway2Steve Conway

Contributing Author

Steve Conway, Research Vice President in IDC’s High Performance Computing group, plays a major role in directing and implementing HPC research related to the worldwide market for technical servers and supercomputers. A 25-year veteran of the HPC and IT industries,

Mr. Conway authors key IDC studies, reports and white papers, helps organize and advance the HPC User Forum, and provides thought leadership and practical guidance for users, vendors and other members of the HPC community. Before joining IDC, Mr. Conway was vice president of corporate communications and investor relations for Cray Inc. He was also a divisional leader for SGI and headed corporate communications and analyst relations for Cray Research and CompuServe Corporation.


Mark Funk

Contributing Author

After degrees in physics and electrical engineering, a number of pre-PowerPC processor development projects, a short stint in Japan on IBM’s first Japanese personal computer, a tour through the OS/400 and IBM i operating system, compiler, and cluster development, and a rather long stay in Power Systems performance that allowed him to play with architecture and performance at a lot of levels – all told about 35 years and a lot of development processes with IBM – Mark Funk entered academia to teach computer science. He is currently professor of computer science at Winona State University. And, having spent far and away most of his career in the Rochester, Minnesota area, he continues that now working in IT for a major medical institution that is also located there.


staceyh2Stacey Higginbotham

Contributing Author

Stacey Higginbotham has spent the last fifteen years covering technology and finance for a diverse range of publications, including Fortune, Gigaom, BusinessWeek, The Deal, and The Bond Buyer. She is currently the host of The Internet of Things Podcast every week and writes the Stacey Knows Things newsletter all about the internet of things.

In addition to covering momentum in the Internet of Things space, Stacey also focuses on semiconductors, and artificial intelligence.


joab2Joab Jackson

Contributing Author

Veteran technology reporter, Joab Jackson has spent a frightfully long time covering all layers of the modern information technology stack. For Government Computer News, he’s written extensively about supercomputing, file systems, software development, databases of both the SQL and NoSQL sort, and DARPA’s first autonomous vehicle race.

In addition, Joab has also written enterprise IT for the IDG group of publications, including Computerworld, Network World, InfoWorld and CIO. Freelancing on the side, he’s managed wrote about space networks for IEEE Spectrum.


Doug-head-small-300x368Douglas Eadline

Contributing Author

Douglas Eadline, PhD, began his career as a practitioner and a chronicler of the Linux cluster HPC revolution and has grown to include Big Data analytics. Starting with the first Beowulf How-To document, Doug has written hundreds of articles, white papers, and instructional documents covering virtually all aspects of HPC cluster computing.

Prior to starting and editing the popular website in 2005, he served as editor-in-chief for ClusterWorld Magazine, and was senior HPC editor for Linux Magazine. Currently, he is a writer and consultant to the HPC industry. He is a coauthor of “Apache Hadoop YARN: Moving Beyond MapReduce and Batch Processing with Apache Hadoop 2” (Addison Wesley), author of “HPC for Dummies” (Wiley), and presenter/author of several Apache Hadoop videos from Addison Wesley.


glenn_LockwoodGlenn Lockwood

Contributing Author

Glenn K. Lockwood is a specialist in data-intensive and high-performance computing who is currently working in the DNA sequencing industry.  Formally trained as a materials scientist, his research in computational chemistry evolved into a career in operational HPC where he has architected and supported data-oriented computing systems in both industry and academia.

His work focuses on characterizing emerging technologies that can be applied to scientific research, and he has extensive experience in performance and workload analysis.


karlfreundKarl Freund

Contributing Author

Karl Freund has been an executive in the server and processor business for over 35 and is a frequent speaker at technology and investment conferences. He has been an outspoken advocate for alternative computing technologies such as ARM chips and GPUs, and is the author of the site.

Freund holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in applied mathematics and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


nottomcruisebutkinda2Addison Snell

Contributing Author

Addison Snell is the CEO of Intersect360 Research and a veteran of the High Performance Computing industry. Addison was previously an HPC industry analyst for IDC, where he was well-known among industry stakeholders.

Prior to IDC, he gained recognition as a marketing leader and spokesperson for SGI’s supercomputing products and strategy. Addison holds a master’s degree from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.


Don Draper

Contributing Author

Don Draper is principal analyst of ProPrincipia International Associates, based in Cupertino, California consulting in 3D Integrated Circuits, Integrated Voltage Regulators, STT-MRAM, and server processor physical architecture. Draper He is also a member of the SEMI Standards Committee for 3D Packaging and Integration. Draper was formerly a senior principal hardware engineer at Oracle, working on circuit design and physical architecture of server processors, specifically 3DIC implementation. Previous positions included design manager at Rambus and circuit design manager and Fellow at Advanced Micro Devices developing high-performance microprocessors. Draper graduated from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Engineering Physics and from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada with a Masters in Engineering in Semiconductor Physics.


ben_c_profBen Cotton

Contributing Author

Ben Cotton is a meteorologist by training and a research computing specialist by trade. Ben is a Technical Marketing Manager at Cycle Computing and previously lead the Customer Operations team. Before joining Cycle Computing, he worked at Purdue University supporting high-performance and high-throughput computing infrastructure. Ben also contributes to open source projects and is a Community Moderator for Ben holds a BSc in Meteorology and a MSc in IT Project Management, both from Purdue University.



stammersTim Stammers

Contributing Author

Tim Stammers is a Senior Analyst at 451 Research, where he covers flash- and disk-based primary storage systems. Before joining 451 Research in February 2013, Tim was Senior Storage Analyst at Ovum. He has 20 years of experience as an IT industry analyst and journalist, and has also worked as a gas turbine development engineer at Rolls-Royce, and a mainframe systems engineer at the London Electricity Board.

Tim holds a BSc Hons in Mechanical Engineering from City University, London and an MSc in Applied Computing from Middlesex University.


RikMRik Myslewski

Contributing Author

For 30 years, give or take a fiscal quarter or three, Rik has explained computer tech and products, physical and materials science, and related government policy in both consumer and trade publications.

He was San Francisco bureau chief of The Register, editor in chief of MacAddict, media producer at MacLife, vice president of editorial at Productopia, executive editor and director of product testing at MacUser, and a contributor to many other computing publications, both print and online. He has a solid non-engineer’s understanding of microprocessor architecture and other deep-tech niggles, as well as climate science, geoengineering, and related policy matters.


Dr. James Cuff

Distinguished Technical Author, The Next Platform

James Cuff brings insight from the world of advanced computing following a twenty-year career in what he calls “practical supercomputing”. James initially supported the amazing teams who annotated multiple genomes at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.

Over the last decade, James built a research computing organization from scratch at Harvard. During his tenure, he designed and built a green datacenter, petascale parallel storage, low-latency networks and sophisticated, integrated computing platforms.  However, more importantly he built and worked with phenomenal teams of people who supported our world’s most complex and advanced scientific research.

James was most recently the Assistant Dean and Distinguished Engineer for Research Computing at Harvard, and holds a degree in Chemistry from Manchester University and a doctorate in Molecular Biophysics with a focus on neural networks and protein structure prediction from Oxford University.

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