The Next Platform manages to bring the same balance it strikes for readers (technical depth, scope, authority, insightful interviews) to its live events focused on critical topics in large-scale infrastructure. From the sold-out AI-focused series to more specific topics in storage, networks, HPC, inference hardware , and more, these go far beyond the basics. The format strikes everything bad about events (one-sided presentations in dull conference rooms with no room for real engagement with material or peers) to deliver an event truly worth the time and energy.

Our quarter million monthly readers each month understand that The Next Platform stands out due to depth, scope, and reliance on industry knowledge.

This is derived from in-depth interviews that go far beyond the obvious and take readers into the architectures and approaches that keep next-generation workloads fed.

These interviews and expert hosted panels are central to our events, which hinge on a No-PowerPoint philosophy and are held in bright, open spaces that encourage conversation and thought rather than dull consumption of one-sided presentations in a fluorescent-lit conference room.

Our expert editors and founders, along with industry experts tuned to each topic, guide one-on-one conversations live on stage to get to the heart of what matters with panels that provide wider-view context.

This format lends itself to events that are dynamic, high-energy, technical, and driven by questions (including from the audience) versus by passive ingestion of PowerPoint slides. We leave time for audience involvement and networking since the live conversations tend to get attendees excited to continue the discussion with peers. And if we say so ourselves, we have a great time doing these. Connecting with our very committed, engaged readers means we learn as well–about what matters for those implementing some of the most large-scale system deployments on the planet (as well as from those who hope to learn how they can carry those lessons to their own enterprise or institution).

Our events sell out because this is a format that only The Next Platform can deliver. Deeply technical but never dull. Insightful without harping on the obvious.  Technology focused but with regard to market requirements and conditions. Carried by the weight of the big name interviewees were bring to stage but lifted by the questions from the audience and our team.

Please come visit us at any of the following events we have scheduled for 2019. And just wait until you see what we have planned for you in 2020.

What’s Next: 2020 Events from The Next Platform


Past Events (2019)

The Next AI Platform

May 8, 2019

Registration Closed SOLD OUT


The Next AI Platform, May 9, 2019


The Next I/O Platform

September 24, 2019

Registration Closed SOLD OUT 


The Next I/O Platform