Xilinx Works From The Edge Towards Datacenters With Versal FPGA Hybrids

The “Everest” family of hybrid compute engines made by Xilinx, which have lots of programmable logic surrounded by hardened transistor blocks and which are sold under the Versal brand, have been known for so long that we sometimes forget – or can’t believe – that Versal chips are not yet available as standalone products in the datacenter or within the Alveo line of PCI-Express cards from the chip maker.


The Edge Is Just A Massive, Geographically Distributed Cluster

Sponsored If you have a hundred or a thousand machines that you want to work in concert to run a simulation or a model or a machine learning training workload that cannot physically be done by any one single machine, you build a distributed systems cluster and there are all kinds of known tools to manage the underlying server nodes, to create the overarching computing environment, and to then carve it up into pieces to push work through it.