Creating A Greener Edge

Commissioned: The network edge is on its way to becoming the location where data is created faster than ever before, and where application innovation is arguably at its sharpest as organizations around the world look to acquire meaningful insight from information collected as close to real time as possible to speed up their decision making.


The Retail Edge Needs Resilient IT

COMMISSIONED: Retailers are using edge computing for a variety of use cases, collecting data from sensors, cameras and other devices and crunching the numbers with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the customer experience and drive efficiencies.


The Age Of Edge Ops Is Upon Us

SPONSORED: DevOps has matured to the point in its evolution where its practitioners are often expected to play a full part in helping to make IT operations more agile.


Locking Down The Edge

COMMISSIONED: Edge security is a growing headache. The attack surface is expanding as more operational functions migrate out of centralized locations and into distributed sites and devices.