Dell Gives A Second Opinion On Enterprise IT Spending

Like many of you, we are trying to find out what the heck is really going on in the global economy. And as such, we are paying particularly close attention to the original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, who peddle servers, storage, and often switching into the enterprise. They are leading


More Power – And Cooling – To You

Just below the massive hyperscalers and cloud builders there is another set of dozens of datacenter operators who provide cloud and co-location services on a multinational basis to enterprises, governments, and academic institutions. Cyxtera Technologies, a spinout of the former CenturyLink telco and Internet service provider (now known as Lumen


The Balancing Act Of HPE’s Systems Business

There is perhaps no better logo for Hewlett Packard Enterprise than the box. HPE receives a bazillion boxes of components, assembles them into boxes we call servers, storage arrays, and switches, and then ships them out wrapped in other boxes to its millions of customers worldwide – mostly, by volume,


MGX: Nvidia Standardizes Multi-Generation Server Designs

Updated With More MGX Specs: Whenever a compute engine maker also does motherboards as well as system designs, those companies that make motherboards (there are dozens who do) and create system designs (the original design manufacturers and the original – get a little bit nervous as well as a bit

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In The Multicloud World, The Data’s The Thing

When three years ago Dell rolled out its Apex initiative, the massive IT supplier was joining a growing list of tech companies like HPE, Lenovo, and Cisco who were adapting to a rapidly expanding multicloud world by making their product portfolios available in a cloud-like, as-a-service model. Organizations wanted more


Aurora Rising: A Massive Machine For HPC And AI

As long as great science gets done on the final incarnation of the “Aurora” supercomputer at Argonne National Laboratory, based on Intel’s CPUs and GPUs but not on its now defunct Omni-Path interconnect, people will eventually forget all of – well, most of – the grief that it took to


Boosting AI Storage With QLC Flash And Deduplication

A few years ago, DirectData Networks gave us a hint at the tectonic-like shifts that were emerging in datacenters at enterprises and high-end research institutions and were shaping the strategy of a company that had made its name in HPC with its parallel file system technology. New performance and storage


India Declares CPU Independence With Aum HPC Processor

At the moment, the most powerful Arm processor on the planet is the 48-core A64FX processor from Fujitsu, which was created as the heavily vectored compute engine for the “Fugaku” supercomputer at RIKEN Lab in Japan. Nvidia is getting ready to ship its 72-core “Grace” Arm CPU, which has yet