How High-Bandwidth Memory Will Break Performance Bottlenecks

Intel recently announced that High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) will be available on select “Sapphire Rapids” Xeon SP processors and will provide the CPU backbone for the “Aurora” exascale supercomputer to be sited at Argonne National Laboratory. Paired with Intel’s Xe HPC (codenamed “Ponte Vecchio”) compute GPUs running in a unified CPU/GPU


Alibaba Rumored To Enter The Arm Server Chip Race

The chip cold war between China and the United States continues to heat up like a processor with a heat sink that it is a little too small. And the scuttlebutt is that this week Alibaba, the Chinese online retailer and cloud service provider that is roughly analogous to Amazon


Dell Ties Storage To Kubernetes, Sharpens Edge Strategy

Dell Technologies, since its founding 37 years ago, has been about infrastructure — from the servers, networking systems and storage appliances that populate enterprise datacenters to the corporate clients that are designed to make employees more productive. Infrastructure is what has driven Dell to become a multinational IT giant that


Lenovo Neptune Makes Weather Supercomputers Cool Again

SPONSORED It is only natural the world’s top supercomputing sites in climate and weather modeling should be leading the charge for more efficient, sustainable, and green datacenter practices. With the right approaches, these centers can show that power and performance do not need to be a game of trade-offs and

Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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Micron Urges Government Investment with R&D Spend

Over the last twenty years, memory has risen from 10% of the semiconductor market to almost 30%, a trend that is expected to continue, propelled by compute at the edge all the way up to datacenter. To meet these demands, memory giant, Micron, has announced it will make $150 billion


Why JAX Could Be the Next Platform for HPC-AI

So many of Google’s technology developments have had major impacts in the commercial world but the company’s impact on scientific computing has been far less pronounced. Teams at the search engine giant are trying to bridge that gap by creating software tools that blend the best of two worlds —


Former Nervana Leads Target Optimal Training Configurations

Ex-Nervana Systems engineers made the jump from a hardware-centric approach to efficient training to pushing better insight into optimization of models and systems. Nervana Systems was one of the first AI chip startups to generate big buzz, culminating in an acquisition by Intel in summer, 2016. The startup’s co-founder and


Google Opens Up Spanner Database With PostgreSQL Interface

Search engine and cloud computing juggernaut Google is hosting its Google Cloud Next ’21 conference this week, and one of the more interesting things that the company unveiled is several layers of software that makes its Spanner globally distributed relational database look and feel like the popular open source PostgreSQL


Raytheon, IBM Partner for Quantum in Defense, Aerospace

In the history of defense technology contracting, two companies continue to loom large: IBM and Raytheon. If quantum bets are correct, a partnership between both could mean joint leadership in the emerging space—one that will require established companies to back untested technologies. Defense and aerospace contracting giant, Raytheon, has its


A Clear View on the AI Hardware Mirage

Clear Ventures managed to stay out of the AI chip startup investment fray of the last several years. What it saw then was a lack of focus on software and usability, an observation that persists as it looks to the future AI infrastructure. The hype around AI chips over the