Looking To Adopt Generative AI Within Your Organization?

SPONSORED POST: Generative AI is the subject of significant interest from enterprises busy looking to use it to help them improve business processes and build innovative new applications and services which can attract new customers and grow revenue. Research firm Gartner expects that spending on GenAI software specifically will expand


Google Joins The Homegrown Arm Server CPU Club

If you are wondering why Intel chief executive officer Pat Gelsinger has been working so hard to get the company’s foundry business not only back on track but utterly transformed into a merchant foundry that, by 2030 or so can take away some business from archrival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co,

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Celestial AI Wants To Break The Memory Wall, Fuse HBM With DDR5

In 2024, there is no shortage of interconnects if you need to stitch tens, hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of accelerators together. Nvidia has NVLink and InfiniBand. Google’s TPU pods talk to one another using optical circuit switches (OCS). AMD has its Infinity Fabric for die-to-die, chip-to-chip, and


Creating A Greener Edge

Commissioned: The network edge is on its way to becoming the location where data is created faster than ever before, and where application innovation is arguably at its sharpest as organizations around the world look to acquire meaningful insight from information collected as close to real time as possible to


How To Build A Better “Blackwell” GPU Than Nvidia Did

While a lot of people focus on the floating point and integer processing architectures of various kinds of compute engines, we are spending more and more of our time looking at memory hierarchies and interconnect hierarchies. And that is because compute is easy, and data movement and memory are getting


How Long Until The ODMs Take Over Ethernet Switching?

For more than a year now, we have been talking about how investments in AI servers have put a damper on budgets for servers used to support other corporate applications. And we may be seeing enterprises pulling back on campus switching so they can invest more in datacenter switching to


Expanding The Search For A Range Of New Materials

Finding new functional materials for batteries and catalysts and lots of other uses is a major goal of researchers around the world. And the design and discovery of new materials often requires computer simulations running on the world’s fastest supercomputers using specialized software that can determine properties at the quantum