Vast Data Eyes A Role In The Datacenter Beyond Storage

In its short lifetime, Vast Data has been able to put its stamp on a fast-changing data storage market. The company was founded in 2016 by Renek Hallak, chief executive officer, Shachar Fienblit, vice president of research and development, Jeff Denworth, vice president of products, who collectively saw an opportunity


The Money Printing Press That Is Chip Maker TSMC

Not every manufacturing node comes out perfectly and not every one comes out on time, but in the past decade and a half, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, the world’s largest and most technologically advanced etcher of chips in the world, has done far better than any of its few remaining


Composing The Impossible Server

Paid Feature There are many ways to scale up and scale out systems, and that is a problem as much as it is a solution for distributed systems architects. Once they are powered on, few distributed systems are rarely asked to do one thing and one thing only –  and


Easing The Heavy Lifting With Kubernetes

VMware made its mark in the fast-growing Kubernetes space in 2019 with the launch of its Tanzu portfolio, expanding its reach beyond virtual machines and into the world of containers. In the two-plus years since, the vendor has been building out Tanzu as part of its larger cloud-native strategy. Last

Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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Aspiration Versus Action for Enterprise AI

Most of the large companies and institutions we cover here at The Next Platform have already been in the AI/ML trenches, particularly the hyperscale web and media companies (where much of this work began) and in high performance computing. However, for the broader enterprise world, the transition is still catching


LG Sees Clear Quantum Picture with IBM

LG Electronics plans to explore quantum applications with IBM in the coming years with emphasis on areas as diverse as AI, IoT, robotics, and analytics on the table for potential quantum speedups. The South Korean electronics giant will be joining IBM’s Quantum Network, which already includes a number of other


More Processor Performance Doesn’t Always Mean Better Performance

Paid Post Yes, you know that AI and HPC are two of the big drivers for business compute over the coming years. But they’re far from the only factors that are going to push your infrastructure to the limits. In fact, the landscape for business computing is as complicated as


Transportation, Logistics in the Quantum Crosshairs

Ask any quantum computing startup (and there are too many count) about the rate of enterprise adoption for the emerging technology and the response will be quick: Fortune 500s are all investing heavily. While there might be some scattered traction, genuine interest and roadmapping are not the same thing as


AI Chipmaker Groq Chases Financial Risk Firms

When Tim Sears ran complex portfolio risk analysis on Wall Street in 2004, an eight-hour, overnight run was the best that could be expected, even on high-end hardware. That calculation time is now down to under three minutes, at least on some systems. After twenty years in finance, include a


The Year Ahead In Datacenter Compute

For more than a decade, the pace of the server market was set by the rollout of Intel’s Xeon processors each year. To be sure, Intel did not always roll out new chips like clockwork, on a predictable and more or less annual cadence as the big datacenter operators like.


Strong Showing for Julia Across HPC Platforms

There are good reasons for the persistence of C, C++ and Fortran in high performance computing, even with some the inherent productivity challenges (extensive memory management and debugging in particular). There are plenty of workarounds for these issues but they can sometimes come with a performance price. Even though languages


The Five Horsemen of the Data Apocalypse

One could argue that the last few years have highlighted some of the most pressing semiconductor industry issues but there are challenges on the horizon well beyond current supply chain and silicon manufacturing bottlenecks. If research hurdles are not addressed, the growing demands of data could put a damper on