A Status Check on Global Exascale Ambitions

As we head toward the annual Supercomputing Conference season we wanted to take a moment for a level-set on exascale. There has been much talk about reaching this pinnacle over the last several years and while plenty of centers say they have reached exascale, that is only for single-precision peak


Big Iron Will Always Drive Big Spending

Starting way back in the late 1980s, when Sun Microsystems was on the rise in the datacenter and Hewlett Packard was its main rival in Unix-based systems, market forces compelled IBM to finally and forcefully field its own open systems machines to combat Sun, HP, and others behind the Unix


Will AMD Get Back Into Arm Server Chips?

There was a bit of a kerfuffle this week when it looked like AMD was changing its position a little bit on whether or not it would get back into designing and selling server chips based on the Arm architecture. The funny thing is that the world has changed around


The Tipping Point For PCI-Express Fabrics

In the longest of runs, say within the next five to ten years, in the large datacenters of the world, the server chassis as we know it will no longer exist. We aren’t talking about the bent metal here. We are talking about ending the tyranny of the motherboard, which

Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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NSF Puts $10 Million Into Composable Supercomputer

If they are doing their jobs right, the high performance computing centers around the world in academic and government institutions are supposed to be on the cutting edge of any new technology that boosts the performance of simulation, modeling, analytics, and artificial intelligence. Not the bleeding edge, where the hyperscalers


Europe Inches Closer to Native RISC-V Reality

The European Processor Initiative (EPI) has pinned its hopes on RISC-V as the path to European semiconductor independence. The program, which began in 2015 with the goal of building a native exascale supercomputer by 2023, took longer than expected to work out the architectural plan for its RISC-V designs but


Mixed Results With A64X Port for Seismic HPC

Seismic processing cloud infrastructure provider, DUG, has enough combined compute power to grace the leading ten systems on the Top 500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, with around 30 petaflops for seismic processing, full waveform inversion, petrophysics, and other HPC applications in oil and gas via many of


Supply Chain Platforms Need A Disruption

Supply chains have become so complex and tangled that the traditional way of navigating everything from suppliers, inventory, transportation and analytics has been upended. As with all messes, there is deep commercial opportunity for any company that can handle clean-up in a novel, more streamlined way. In a post-2020 world,


The Endless Pursuit Of Scale At LinkedIn

There is nothing at all wrong with legacy application and system software as long as it can deliver scalability, reliability, and performance. Changing from one software stack to another is so difficult and so risky — the proverbial changing of the front two tires on the car while going down


Can the Military Save Penguin Computing?

If there is anything for certain in the business of HPC it’s that building and maintaining a profitable enterprise is tough, even for established supercomputer makers like Cray (later acquired by HPE). Penguin Computing has been no exception but managed to weather its own storms, which included tactics like borrowing


Taking The Long View On Open Computing

COMMISSIONED Software changes like the weather, and hardware changes like the landscape; each affects the other over geologic timescales to create a new climate. And this — largely — explains why it has taken so long for open-source computing to spread its tentacles into the hardware world. With software, all