Finally: The Roadmap To Profits For Nutanix

One of the reasons why we have been watching Nutanix since it dropped out of stealth mode in August 2011, two years after being founded, because we had a hunch that the upstart maker of a server-storage half-blood than banned the SAN from the datacenter would transform itself into a


Bringing AI To Reality

SPONSORED FEATURE: A sharp new tool being used more and more by creative enterprise IT teams, generative AI, has the potential to enable major advances in the way an enterprise conducts its business. This is because its value can be utilized in numerous internal and external-facing applications and services, including


AI Means Re-Architecting The Datacenter Network

SPONSORED FEATURE: There are a lot of pressures on the datacenter network these days just to deal with expanding data and the increasing use of microservices architectures for modern applications. But the advent of artificial intelligence – both for neural model training and for inference that drives applications – has

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What Happens When LLMs Design AI Accelerators?

Although our appetite for a vast range of AI accelerators appears to be waning, or at least condensing down to a few options, there might be methods on the horizon to let accelerator designers explore new concepts in an interesting way. Such accelerators are generally human designed but there have