Cloud Spending To Top $1 Trillion In Four Years

There is some uncertainty about global IT spending in the broadest sense in 2023 and beyond, and but Synergy Research, which watches the cloud segment like a hawk, is very bullish on cloud spending in its various guises. In fact, the company reckons that across the cloud services and infrastructure


Building The Perfect Memory Bandwidth Beast

If memory bandwidth is holding back the performance of some of your applications, and there is something that you can do about it other than to just suffer. You can tune the CPU core to memory bandwidth ratios by picking your chips wisely, and you can lean on chip makers


Supercharging Cassandra NoSQL For Machine Learning

DataStax, the driving force behind the ongoing development of and commercialization of the open source NoSQL Apache Cassandra database, had been in business for nine years in 2019 when it made a hard shift to the cloud. The company had already been working with organizations whose businesses already stretched into

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Time To Accelerate Datacenter Performance

Sponsored Post: CPU speed matters a lot to certain types of process-intensive applications like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), so anything that helps to boost the raw power of the servers which inhabit modern datacenters will provide a welcome performance boost. That’s the primary aim of the newly


Myths and Legends in HPC…With Some Legends

It’s rare in supercomputing to discover a paper that’s both insightful and amusing, but a distributed team led by Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka from RIKEN has managed to produce one. “Myths and Legends in High Performance Computing” tackles the many angles of hype flying around HPC, from challenging the role AI


Application Acceleration For The Masses

Sponsored Feature: In an ideal world, if you knew exactly and precisely what application you are going to run, then co-designing a custom application and its processor would be a fairly simple matter and price/performance and performance per watt would always be as perfect as it could be. But we


The Highly Profitable Chip Making Monopoly Called TSMC

When Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing speaks, the datacenter sector of the IT industry listens because, with few exceptions, this foundry etches the compute, networking, and storage engines that power the datacenter. And the rest of the entire IT industry also listens, particularly the smartphone industry and a good portion of the


Making It Easier To Break The SONiC Barrier For Networking

Thanks to the ubiquity of the X86 server platform, the Kubernetes container controller, and the KVM server virtualization hypervisor, it is relatively easy to compute like a hyperscaler or cloud builder. But networking like one has been another matter entirely. But it is getting easier. In July 2015, Google gave