The Dream Of Placing Blocks On Chip Designs With AI

Similar to interior designers trying to fit the chairs, tables, and other furniture in rooms inside of a home, chip designers have to figure out where the various bits and pieces of a processor will lie on confined floor plans where latency between parts matters. Interior designers have to consider

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Power To The Engineering People

SPONSORED: The value of great engineering is often overlooked, yet almost every object we use on a daily basis has been meticulously designed and tested by somebody somewhere to deliver the best possible performance and meet exacting cost and efficiency requirements. Those processes have become considerably more sophisticated with the


More Power To You – Energy Efficiently

SPONSORED Every year, a fairly large portion of the several tens of millions of servers running in the world needs to be replaced because the cost of using the old machinery can be higher than buying in the new machinery – and this can be true even if the old


HPC In The Cloud For FEA

HOT SEAT INTERVIEW: Will your smartphone break if you drop it? Will your car crumple if you crash it? Will the beams that hold up your roof buckle under extreme weather conditions? It’s these characteristics that finite element analysis (FEA) simulations are designed to help test prior to product construction,


The Workload-First Approach To CPU Innovation

Sponsored Post: As in so many other aspects of life, not all compute workloads are created equal – they need a more subtle approach to getting the best out of them which brings a more potent balance of hardware and software into the mix. And that means the international CPU