The Workload-First Approach To CPU Innovation

Sponsored Post: As in so many other aspects of life, not all compute workloads are created equal – they need a more subtle approach to getting the best out of them which brings a more potent balance of hardware and software into the mix. And that means the international CPU


Fujitsu To Fork Arm Server Chip Line To Chase Clouds

When it comes to chips, there is a big difference between a kicker and a fork. The kicker is a successor that implements an architecture and design and that includes microarchitecture enhancements to boost core performance (core in the dual meanings of that word when it comes to CPUs) as

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HPC In The Cloud For FEA

HOT SEAT INTERVIEW: Will your smartphone break if you drop it? Will your car crumple if you crash it? Will the beams that hold up your roof buckle under extreme weather conditions? It’s these characteristics that finite element analysis (FEA) simulations are designed to help test prior to product construction,


DOE Wants A Hub And Spoke System Of HPC Systems

We talk about scale a lot here at The Next Platform, but there are many different aspects to this beyond lashing a bunch of nodes together and counting aggregate peak flops. For instance, for the past decade, and certainly since the rise of GPU-accelerated AI training in the cloud, the


A Bumper Crop Of Ethernet Switches Harvested In Q4

With each passing year, the phrase “The network is the computer,” coined in 1984 by John Gage, director of research and co-founder of Sun Microsystems, becomes more and more true. And it was certainly at its most truest in 2022 if you use Ethernet datacenter switching revenues as a gauge.


The Tough Climb To Profitability For MongoDB

There is something weird about storage companies that were started around the same time as the Great Recession. The big ones that have gone public after being true innovators in their fields – MongoDB in NoSQL databases, Nutanix in hyperconverged storage, and Pure Storage in all-flash arrays – have grown


Software Eats The World, And AI Eats Software

We know, as you do, that artificial intelligence is driving a lot of spending at IT organizations and is probably the fundamental driver of spending by the hyperscalers and cloud builders that have, thus far, benefitted most from the machine learning revolution. But just how much money are companies sinking