Running AI And Edge Workloads On CPUs

Partner Content  Power and cooling in datacenters for well over a decade have been a challenge for enterprises trying to meet their compute needs while keeping the reins on costs. Those challenges have become more acute as the compute environment stretched beyond the datacenter into the cloud and out to


HPE Is Also Having Trouble Making Money With AI Servers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has always been more interested in providing a choice of compute engines compared to Dell, which was the underdog in servers for a long time. Now, HPE is the underdog in general purpose serving but thanks to the acquisitions of SGI and Cray is the dominant supplier


Intel Brings A Big Fork To A Server CPU Knife Fight

With Intel’s foundry still trying to get caught up with the process and packaging offered by archrival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, Intel’s server CPU product line has to “make do” with what the foundry has and create products that give the right mix of performance and price to compete with

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New Chips Built For The Age Of AI

Sponsored Content: The newly launched Intel Xeon 6 processors are designed to boost AI and other compute intensive workload performance for datacenter servers. Formerly known under the codename Sierra Forest, the Intel Xeon 6700-series with E-cores chips can also deliver a 2.8X boost to memory bandwidth, 2.5X better rack density


How Much Can Dell Profit From The AI Wave?

For most of the generative AI revolution thus far, the big original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, have been sidelined as Nvidia and now AMD have done direct allocations of their GPU compute engines to hyperscalers, cloud builders, and other lighthouse customers. But if the second AI wave is going to


Nvidia’s Enormous Financial Success Becomes . . . Normal

For the past five years, since Nvidia acquired InfiniBand and Ethernet switch and network interface card supplier Mellanox, people have been wondering what the split is between compute and networking in the Nvidia datacenter business that has exploded in growth and now represents most of revenue for each quarter. Now


Dell Wants To Help You Build Your AI Factory

No surprises here: Reviewing first quarter earnings calls of S&P 500 companies, London-based analytics firm GlobalData found that generative AI was a key point of discussion among a growing number of the public companies. Business fundamentals analyst Misa Singh saying that “companies are looking at GenAI tools for better productivity,