What Are You Feeding Your AI?

COMMISSIONED: Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to change the world. But AI algorithms are only as good as the data sets they’re built on. Since most data is generated and consumed outside of traditional datacenters and clouds, you need the ability to capture and process data where it’s created – at


Meta Sees Little Risk in RISC-V Custom Accelerators

Many have waited years to hear someone like Prahlad Venkatapuram, Senior Director of Engineering at Meta, say what came out this week at the RISC-V Summit: “We’ve identified that RISC-V is the way to go for us moving forward for all the products we have in the roadmap. That includes

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Accelerate Time To Insight For AI And HPC

SPONSORED FEATURE: So, you’re finally ready to jump on the AI bandwagon. You have oodles of data lying around your company and you’re eager to unlock its value. But wait a minute – is your infrastructure ready to handle it? Look closely, and you’re likely to find bottlenecks that will


Finding NeMo Features for Fresh LLM Building Boost

This week Nvidia shared details about upcoming updates to its platform for building, tuning, and deploying generative AI models. The framework, called NeMo (not to be confused with Nvidia’s conversational AI toolkit or BioNeMo for drug development), is designed to let users train large-scale models and is the same platform


A Platform For Securely Scaling Operations At The Edge

COMMISSIONED: Innovation at the edge is happening at light speed. Everywhere you turn, organizations are seeking to shift their center of data processing gravity from central locations like head offices and datacenters to the outer limits of the operation – to factory floors, hospital wards, truck fleets and smart cities.


Redefining datacenter connectivity with open source networking

SPONSORED FEATURE: The face of modern networking is changing dramatically in parallel with the exponential increase in the volume of data traffic over the last several years. Enterprises and cloud service providers alike are struggling to handle that transmission workload, whilst simultaneously trying to contain costs. It’s a tall order


With HPC Humming Along, HPE Awaits Its AI Boom

The ProLiant server business is down in the dumps, and the storage business is in a slump. But petascale and exascale supercomputer deals based the combination of AMD CPUs and GPUs have filled in a lot of the gap. And Hewlett Packard Enterprise is now waiting, like all OEMs and