Ongoing Saga: How Much Money Will Be Spent On AI Chips?

Everybody knows that companies, particularly hyperscalers and cloud builders but now increasingly enterprises hoping to leverage generative AI, are spending giant round bales of money on AI accelerators and related chips to create AI training and inference clusters. But just you try to figure out how much. We dare you.


AIST Taps HPE And Nvidia For Next-Gen AI Cloud Machine

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan is going to be installing the third generation of its AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure 3.0 supercomputer. The machine will consist of thousands of Nvidia’s current “Hopper” H200 generation of GPU accelerators, which is not surprising. But interestingly, it

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AI For The Masses Is Already Here

Partner Content: AI used to feel like a far off possibility – a complex, expensive technology belonging to tech billionaires and giant corporations. But today, the genie is out of the bottle. According to Quocirca’s AI trends study 2024, 70 percent of respondents across the UK, France, Germany, and the


The Time Has Come To Upgrade Aging Server Fleets

There has always been a tension in the datacenter between ever-advancing technology and the practical economic gravity of the company balance sheet. All things being equal, some IT decision makers would be happy for servers to be used until they fail in the field, extending their useful life well beyond


Cloud Foundation Updates Reflect The New VMware By Broadcom

Broadcom’s $69 billion acquisition of virtualization stalwart VMware was not an easy proposition. Regulators around the world worried about the effect the deal would have on the IT industry and Broadcom had to make some promises – such as to the European Union, which demanded concessions from the semiconductor giant


The Appetite For Datacenter Compute Is Ravenous

It has been an invaluable asset for AMD as it re-engaged in the datacenter in the past decade to have Forrest Norrod as the general manager of its datacenter business. Norrod ran the custom server business at Dell for many years after working on X86 processors at Cyrix and being


Need To Know More About AI Design And Deployment?

SPONSORED POST: Now in its seventh year, the 2024 AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit will be held at the Signia by Hilton hotel in San Jose, CA between the 9th and 12th of September. The summit is a goldmine of useful information for data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI