Creating A Transit System For The Multicloud World

The enterprise rush to embrace multicloud and hybrid cloud has not slowed over the past several years and, indeed, has only accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic as organizations rushed to leverage cloud services to adapt to their suddenly highly distributed IT environments, with most of their employees working remotely. And

Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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Xilinx Tunes Up FPGAs For HPC, Graph Analytics

High performance computing hardware is really a software game, and the software we are referring to is at a very low level where deep expertise in libraries and solvers can make the difference between a capable device performing up to its specifications and, well, not so much. If you scan


Making Exascale Accessible To Everyone

Paid Post Intel has been at the forefront of democratizing high performance computing (HPC) for the past three decades, and the HPC leader is taking its efforts up several more notches with the Aurora exascale HPC and AI supercomputer being designed and built by Intel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise for


Why Did China Keep Its Exascale Supercomputers Quiet?

There are no greater bragging rights in supercomputing than those that come with top ten listing on the bi-annual list of the world’s most powerful systems – the Top500. And there are no countries more inclined to throw themselves (and billions) into that competition this decade than the U.S. and


Top500 Supercomputers: Hungry For The Exascale Feast

Let’s just cut right to the chase scene. The latest Top500 ranking of supercomputers, announced today at the SC21 supercomputing conference being held in St Louis, needed the excitement of an actual 1 exaflops sustained performance machine running the High Performance Linpack benchmark at 64-bit precision. And because the 1.5


European Bank Sees Path to ‘Fastest AI Supercomputer’

While Hungarian banks with collective names like OTP Group might not have household recognition here in the U.S., they do represent a notable portion of central Europe’s banking base with 17 million customers. OTP Group has ambitious plans to have Europe’s “fastest AI supercomputer” when it is fully deployed in