The Once And Future FPGA Maker Altera

Back in 2015, when we were launching The Next Platform, a lot of stuff was going on all at the same time, which is part of the zeitgeist that we were tapping into and that we wanted to chronical upon and participate within. And Intel was front and center of


A Different View From The Edge

Sponsored Feature: With technology, as with real estate, location is everything. The new, post-pandemic world of distributed information technology (IT) means that the physical separation between core enterprise infrastructure and the operational technology (OT) systems that monitor and control industrial equipment is perhaps more acute than ever. Server, storage, and


How Does HPC In The Cloud Enable Energy Efficiency?

PARTNER CONTENT: High performance computing (HPC) decision-makers are starting to prioritize energy efficiency in operations and procurement plans. In this article, learn how organizations can use HPC in the cloud to enhance their energy efficiency solutions. Over the last two years, global electricity demand reached the highest peak on record,


Intel: I Was Lostry, But Now I Am Foundry

Pat Gelsinger, current chief executive officer at Intel and formerly the head of its Data Center Group as well as its chief technology officer, famously invented the tick-tock method of chip launches to bring some order and reason to the way the world’s largest chip maker – as it was

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Tighter IT/OT Integration Starts With Zero Touch

SPONSORED FEATURE: We might all be working for the same organization, even on the same infrastructure. But that doesn’t mean we all see things in the same way. Take the informational technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) teams that keep technology ticking over in most companies of any size. IT


Arista Networks Conservatively Awaits Its AI Boom

As a founding member of the Ultra Ethernet Consortium, which has the express purpose of making Ethernet as good for AI and HPC clusters as InfiniBand but with the scalability and familiarity of Ethernet, Arista Networks wants to benefit mightily from the AI wave that is coming to enterprise datacenters


Cloud-Based HPC To Improve Performance And Save Resources

PARTNER CONTENT: Trillion-dollar industries are exploring new ways of increasing high performance computing (HPC) performance, while saving resources and reducing costs. Scientists and engineers are looking to build robust HPC infrastructure to run complex workloads in the most energy-efficient approach. As a result, organizations are re-evaluating how they architect compute