Will AMD Get Back Into Arm Server Chips?

There was a bit of a kerfuffle this week when it looked like AMD was changing its position a little bit on whether or not it would get back into designing and selling server chips based on the Arm architecture. The funny thing is that the world has changed around


The Tipping Point For PCI-Express Fabrics

In the longest of runs, say within the next five to ten years, in the large datacenters of the world, the server chassis as we know it will no longer exist. We aren’t talking about the bent metal here. We are talking about ending the tyranny of the motherboard, which


The Endless Pursuit Of Scale At LinkedIn

There is nothing at all wrong with legacy application and system software as long as it can deliver scalability, reliability, and performance. Changing from one software stack to another is so difficult and so risky — the proverbial changing of the front two tires on the car while going down


NFS Might Be the Only Foundation for Exascale

SPONSORED If you’ve been living in a world of heavy-duty parallel file systems and scale-out NAS, chances are good you have been there for a while. Decades, perhaps. Back in those far-flung days when scalability meant making trade-offs, when the network was the bottleneck rather than storage, and hard drives


Taking The Long View On Open Computing

COMMISSIONED Software changes like the weather, and hardware changes like the landscape; each affects the other over geologic timescales to create a new climate. And this — largely — explains why it has taken so long for open-source computing to spread its tentacles into the hardware world. With software, all

Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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Supply Chain Platforms Need A Disruption

Supply chains have become so complex and tangled that the traditional way of navigating everything from suppliers, inventory, transportation and analytics has been upended. As with all messes, there is deep commercial opportunity for any company that can handle clean-up in a novel, more streamlined way. In a post-2020 world,


Can the Military Save Penguin Computing?

If there is anything for certain in the business of HPC it’s that building and maintaining a profitable enterprise is tough, even for established supercomputer makers like Cray (later acquired by HPE). Penguin Computing has been no exception but managed to weather its own storms, which included tactics like borrowing


VMware Holds Steady Course In Choppy Datacenter Seas

VMware is a company that has always embraced change. As we have noted before, the company that started off roiling the datacenter with virtualization technology that initially changed the dynamics — from efficiency to flexibility to costs — of servers and eventually expanded to include storage appliance and enterprise networks,


Is The Shift To Single-Socket Servers Starting?

One of the key strategic moves that AMD made when it architected its comeback in the datacenter was to beef up the compute, I/O, and memory on a single server socket while at the same time making that socket out of chiplets that were significantly cheaper to manufacture and integrate


The Cheapest Compute In The Intel Xeon Lineup

While the minimalist server processor — and the microserver concept that was based upon it — did not take over the datacenters of the world, there are still some workloads that can fit in modestly powered single-socket CPUs just fine. That is why Intel has always created server variants of


Why Amazon Might Become the Largest Quantum Consumer

These are still early days for quantum computing, far too soon to talk about domain-specific quantum systems. But if there are areas hungrier than ever for what quantum is best at — dense optimization problems at scale — the future cannot arrive fast enough. More specifically, the golden grail for


Lenovo Bundles VMware Stack At The Edge

Enterprises and tech vendors alike for the past few years have been talking about the growing importance of the edge in the increasingly distributed IT environment. It’s at the edge where more data is being generated and stored, and organizations are feeling the need to process, analyze and act on