Hard Drives Are The Mark Twain Of Technology

After almost two years with data storage giant Western Digital, Ashley Gorakhpurwalla is getting used to the questions. They tend to boil down to the same query: “Why are you talking about hard drives? I thought hard drives were dead.” “I get that probably three years ago it was pretty


GreenLake: Finally, A Platform That HPE Utterly Controls

Both Hewlett-Packard and Compaq, which also included parallel database system maker Tandem and minicomputer innovator Digital Equipment Corp when HP bought Compaq for $25 billion back in September 2001, had histories as platform providers but the combined companies were not able to create on the X86 platform the kinds of


HPE Is The First Big OEM To Adopt Ampere Computing Arm Chips

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been an early and enthusiastic supporter of alternate processor architectures outside of the standard Xeon X86 CPUs that comprise the vast majority of its revenues and shipments, particularly with Arm server chips starting in 2011. Maybe now, the fourth time will be the charm as it


AMD Needs To Complete The Datacenter Set With Switching

In the past several decades, data processing and storage systems could be architected from best of breed components, and the market could – and did – sustain multiple suppliers of competing technologies in each of the categories of compute, networking, and storage. But the post-Moore’s Law era, the IT sphere

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The Faster The Switch, The Cheaper Bit Flits

It may have taken a while for the transition to 200 Gb/sec and 400 Gb/sec networking to take off in the datacenter, but this higher gear to switching is finally kicking in and delivering unprecedented bang for the buck in networks, and in fairly short order at least compared to


The Path Is Set For PCI-Express 7.0 In 2025

The ink is barely dry on the PCI-Express 6.0 specification, which was released after years of development in January 2022, we hardly have PCI-Express 5.0 peripherals in the market, and the PCI-SIG organization that controls the PCI-Express standard for peripheral interconnects already has us all coveting the bandwidth that will


For HPC Cloud, The Underlying Hardware Will Always Matter

Decades of cloud collaborations and optimizations have brought solid performance and cost efficiencies to cloud. Those who require high performance computing (HPC) resources tend to set their own rules when it comes to systems. Highly tuned for blazing fast computation and communication with software stacks optimized to match, these users


Meta Platforms Hacks CXL Memory Tier Into Linux

We have been excited about the possibilities of adding tiers of memory to systems, particularly persistent memories that are less expensive than DRAM but offer similar-enough performance and functionality to be useful. In particular, we have been strong advocates for disaggregating DRAM memory from the CPUs that make use of


Atos Wins MareNostrum 5 Deal At Barcelona Supercomputing Center

UPDATED: The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, which is steering the development and funding for pre-exascale and exascale supercomputing in the European Union, has had a busy week. The first phase of the 550 petaflops “Lumi” system at CSC in Finland was dedicated and opened for processing, and Germany’s Forschungszentrum Jülich has