AWS Goes Wide And Deep With Graviton3 Server Chip

It is always an exciting time when there is a new compute engine coming into the market, and interest is particularly keen with any new Arm server chip entry. At this point, Amazon Web Services is by far the biggest consumer of Arm-based server processors in the world, with its


NREL Supercomputer Announce Hints at Future Nvidia GPUs

At this point in supercomputing, it’s becoming an anomaly to see an upcoming double-digit petaflops system not using AMD for CPU and GPU, but the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will be taking a more traditional route for the “Kestrel” machine. The newly announced system will be capable of 44 petaflops


New AWS CEO Puts Greater Focus On Industry Verticals

Adam Selipsky spent 11 years helping Andy Jassy build Amazon Web Services from a fledgling compute and storage utility to the world’s largest public cloud services provider before leaving in 2016 to become CEO of analytics software maker Tableau Software. When Selipsky returned in May as AWS CEO – replacing


Creating A Transit System For The Multicloud World

The enterprise rush to embrace multicloud and hybrid cloud has not slowed over the past several years and, indeed, has only accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic as organizations rushed to leverage cloud services to adapt to their suddenly highly distributed IT environments, with most of their employees working remotely. And

Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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Vendor Voice - High Performance Computing on Amazon Web Services

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Hyperscalers Start Taking Pure Storage Flash For A Spin

Usually, innovation starts with the hyperscalers, HPC centers, and cloud builders of the world and spreads to the enterprise. But every once in a while, a technology establishes itself in large enterprises and the migrates upwards. This may be finally happening to Pure Storage, which was founded in 2009 and


HPC In The Cloud Enables Diverse Scientific Research

Institutions supporting HPC applications are finding increased demand for heterogeneous infrastructures to support simulation and modeling, machine learning, high performance data analytics, collaborative computing and analytics, and data federation. For some, the rise of Covid-19 emphasized the need for more flexible HPC solutions. As they turned to cloud deployments to


AWS Sizes Trainium for AI/ML Model Boom

While AWS is making it clear it will continue to innovate around GPUs for cloud-based machine learning, there was little doubt after today that the company’s own Trainium devices are set to outdo what even the top-line Nvidia GPU instances have achieved. In his keynote at AWS Re:Invent today, EC2


Tencent Rolling Out Self-Styled AMD “Milan” Servers

Few things sound more Intel than “StarLake” but in fact, AMD is at the heart of an announcement with Chinese hyperscale giant, Tencent. Tencent has already rolled out previous AMD Epyc based servers, including the SA1 (“Naples”) and more recently, SA2 based on AMD “Rome” processors but making the jump