Intel Takes The SYCL To Nvidia’s CUDA With Migration Tool

After years of false starts and delays with various products, we are finally at a point where Intel will truly start to test the breadth of its heterogenous computing strategy, thanks to the release of new Gaudi2 machine learning chips from Intel and the upcoming launch of its much-anticipated “Ponte Vecchio” GPU that will power Argonne National Laboratory’s “Aurora” exascale supercomputer.


Stacking Up L2 Cache, RIKEN Shows 10X Speedup For A64FX By 2028

Let the era of 3D V-Cache in HPC begin.

Inspired by the idea of AMD’s “Milan-X” Epyc 7003 processors with their 3D V-Cache stacked L3 cache memory and then propelled by actual benchmark tests pitting regular Milan CPUs against Milan-X processors using real-world and synthetic HPC applications, researchers at RIKEN Lab in Japan, where the “Fugaku” supercomputer based on Fujitsu’s impressive A64FX vectorized Arm server chip, have fired up a simulation of a hypothetical A64FX follow-on that could, in theory, be built in 2028 and provide nearly an order of magnitude more performance than the current A64FX.