The Memory Area Network At The Heart Of IBM’s Power10

It must have been something in the cosmic ether.

Apopros of nothing except the need to fill a blank page with something interesting back when we were analyzing IBM’s second quarter financials and considering the options that Big Blue has with the “Cirrus” Power10 systems it will be launching about a year from now, we did a thought experiment about what it would mean if IBM started to believe in big iron machines again.


An Architecture for Artificial Intelligence Storage

As we’ve talked about in the past, the focus on data – how much is being generated, where it’s being created, the tools needed to take advantage of it, the shortage of skilled talent to manage it, and so on – is rapidly changing the way enterprises are operating both in the datacenter and in the cloud and dictating many of the product roadmaps being developed by tech vendors.


The Next IBM Platform, Revisited

When IBM announced that it was acquiring Red Hat for $34 billion eighteen months ago, one of the things we said that Big Blue needed most and would get from taking over – but not messing with – the world’s largest commercial open source software company was a coherent story that it could tell to its customers about how IBM, which more than any other company helped define data processing, was still relevant to the future.