HexaMesh: Chiplet Topologies Inspired By Nature

With the reticle limit for chip manufacturing pretty much set in stone (pun intended) at 26 millimeters by 33 millimeters down to 2 nanometer transistor sizes with extreme ultraviolet lithography techniques and being cut in half to 26 millimeters by 16.5 millimeters for the High-NA extreme ultraviolet lithography needed to push below 2 nanometer transistor sizes, chiplets are inevitable and monolithic dies are absolutely going to become a thing of the past.


There Is Still A Place For FPGAs In The Datacenter

By the time that the founders of Achronix, who were all techies from Cornell University, decided to found their own FPGA company twenty years ago, FPGAs had already been in the field for twenty years and the market was dominated by Xilinx (now part of AMD) and Altera (still part of Intel until it gets spun out sometime in the future).