Looking To Adopt Generative AI Within Your Organization?

SPONSORED POST: Generative AI is the subject of significant interest from enterprises busy looking to use it to help them improve business processes and build innovative new applications and services which can attract new customers and grow revenue.

Research firm Gartner expects that spending on GenAI software specifically will expand from 8 percent of total AI investment in 2023 to 35 percent by 2027. The company also predicts that over 70 percent of independent software vendors will have embedded GenAI capabilities in their software applications by 2026, a huge jump from just one percent in 2023.

Identifying how and where any new technologies can be successfully implemented to create business value always raises its own challenges, and GenAI is no different. Which is why this year’s Enterprise Generative AI Summit West event should prove a critical source of advice and best practice tips for those attending.

It will bring together a community of AI practitioners, data scientists and business leaders from industry verticals including finance, medical research/drug discovery, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail/consumer, transport, and communications, all keen to share their experience and expertise of implementing GenAI projects of their own.

The event will take place at the Embassy Suites Milpitas in Silicon Valley, California on May 21-22, 2024. There will be keynotes from industry heavyweights including Animesh Singh, Executive Director, AI & Machine Learning at LinkedIn, Shaloo Garg, Managing Director for Late Stage Startups and Unicorns at Microsoft; and Ranjan Sinha, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO at IBM. With its two-track agenda for business leaders and technical teams, the agenda boasts an comprehensive roster of speakers of companies including Hitachi Ventures, Pinterest, Google Cloud, Adobe, Citigroup, Schneider Electric, Amgen, Bank of America, GE Healthcare, Coca Cola, Walmart, Rackspace and others offering advice and detailing their AI journeys.

If you’re interested in joining these companies, book your place today and quote ‘NEXTPLATFORM15’ for 15 percent off the price of entry – register here.

A networking brochure offering a more detailed breakdown of the Enterprise Gen AI Summit focus and company category alongside a snapshot of what your peers are talking about is also available at this link.

Sponsored by Enterprise Generative AI Summit West.

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