Arm Puts Some Muscle Into Future Neoverse Server CPU Designs

Arm is hosting its annual Tech Day shindig, virtually (again) thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and is providing a lot more insight into the future Neoverse core and processor designs that will be adopted and modified by those who have a hankering to take on the hegemony of the X86 processor – which now includes pretty solid CPUs from Intel and AMD – in the datacenter and at the edge.


Czech Republic Sticks With NEC Vector Engines For Weather Modeling

There are two different Auroras right now in supercomputing. There is the shape-shifting, legendary, and maybe even mythical “Aurora” and now “Aurora A21” exascale supercomputer that was being built by Intel with “Knights” many core processors and now, if Intel can get them out the door, with a combination of “Sapphire Rapids” Xeon SP processors and “Ponte Vecchio” Xe GPU accelerators, for Argonne National Laboratory.