Reading Between the MLPerf Lines

Every important benchmark needs to start somewhere.

The first round of MLperf results are in and while they might not deliver on what we would have expected in terms of processor diversity and a complete view into scalability and performance, they do shed light on some developments that go beyond sheer hardware when it comes to deep learning training.


What to See at Supercomputing 2018

The countdown to the annual Supercomputing Conference has begun. As The Next Platform gears up to deliver in-depth analysis of this year’s most important HPC innovations, take a moment to plan your path at the show with some of our leading SC18 partners.


ARM is the NNSA’s New Secret Weapon

It might have been difficult to see this happening a mere few years ago, but the National Nuclear Security Administration and one of its key supercomputing sites are looking past Intel to Arm-based supercomputers in hopes of reaching efficiency and memory bandwidth targets needed for nuclear stockpile simulations.