Next Platform TV

Next Platform TV for September 15, 2020

On today’s program, some kickoff analysis of the Nvidia/Arm deal; a look at geospatial AI and what it requires in terms of future hardware and frameworks; physics-informed AI and what it means for future simulations and use cases; the Summit supercomputer and the “right” architecture for large-scale, multidisciplinary  COVID-19 research; the elements of a hyperconverged data platform; infrastructure as code; much more in today’s interview lineup.

Next Platform TV

Next Platform TV for September 3, 2020

A Linux distro natively tuned for containers (and open source); FPGAs in Space; funding for spin qubits (among other quantum tech); the IO500 and evaluating large-scale storage systems; an automotive company’s AI supercomputer; much more…

Linked timestamps for all interviews below for those who want to skip ahead/around.