The Age Of Edge Ops Is Upon Us

SPONSORED: DevOps has matured to the point in its evolution where its practitioners are often expected to play a full part in helping to make IT operations more agile. It’s a trend which is being played out across the whole DevOps spectrum – from the elite seeking to build their own cloud to those who just want to create simple and practical DevOps solutions.


In each case the challenge is the same though – to deliver well-devised outcomes that work for the organization, helping it to achieve its business goals in a scalable way.

But the DevOps community is facing obstacles. A decade or more of evolutionary steps have added complexity to how DevOps goes about its business. The modern DevOps professional, for example, may be expected to acquire and maintain skills in virtualization and Kubernetes in tandem. The number of platforms, tools, technologies and processes they have to learn is growing all the time. Every kind of organization is moving to multicloud and the subsequent expectations heaped on DevOps are consequently expanding and increasing here too.

Then there’s the migration of data and workloads to the edge, a whole new reality that DevOps must learn to embrace. How can DevOps manage all this change, ideally in an automated way that takes away some or all of the complexity? What does the new discipline of edge operations entail and how can it be made to work? All of this is explored in a new webinar from Dell which considers how NativeEdge offers a new way to approach it.

Featuring insights from Dell Technologies thought leaders Brad Maltz, senior director, and Nati Shalom, Fellow for edge solutions, the webinar details how to take existing DevOps practices and apply them to edge. In the emerging world of edge operations and the move to ‘shift left’, it describes a new formula for handling a range of challenges, a way to bridge the gap between the capabilities of today’s DevOps tools and a world of edge.

The webinar also includes detailed demonstrations of NativeEdge in action, showing new solutions at work across multiple locations in the US. It has been put together with a wide range of people in mind, from Kubernetes admins to software engineers to DevOps teams, talking to all of them about automated workflows and a frictionless edge experience.

You can access the webinar by clicking

Sponsored by Dell.

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