A Platform For Securely Scaling Operations At The Edge

COMMISSIONED: Innovation at the edge is happening at light speed. Everywhere you turn, organizations are seeking to shift their center of data processing gravity from central locations like head offices and datacenters to the outer limits of the operation – to factory floors, hospital wards, truck fleets and smart cities. The quest is on to deploy IT that can support this move.

Some 41 percent of IT decision makers say edge is now central to their strategies, according to findings published by Dell Technologies. But that doesn’t mean that all is smooth sailing. Many senior IT professionals are struggling with the complexities involved in implementing foolproof edge solutions that are reliable, secure, scalable and fit for purpose.

What’s also keeping them awake at night is the thought that their rivals might be stealing a lead on them in harvesting data insights at the edge which could give them a competitive advantage. Some 61 percent of those surveyed by Dell were beset by this fear.

Dell’s NativeEdge platform was created with these challenges in mind, and the company has created a handy webinar to show how it can strip away that complexity and allow organizations to operate at the edge with greater confidence.

Featuring clear-sighted commentary from Philip Burt, Senior Director, Product Management and Alison Biers, Director, Edge Solutions Marketing at Dell Technologies, the webinar outlines how companies can deal with edge pressures around speed, scale and security.

It not only explains how they can abstract edge complexity but shows them how to derive value from edge data. It also tackles the headache of edge security. If you take the center of gravity of an organization away from its well-defended center, then security is immediately a pressure point.

Dell NativeEdge was designed as a strong and dependable platform for dealing with edge challenges. This webinar offers a succinct summary of what it can do, from orchestrating applications to managing infrastructure. And it features a great ice cream delivery case study to help anchor all these ideas in the real world. Edge tech has never tasted sweeter.

You can find out more in this video:

Commissioned by Dell.

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