Nvidia Tesla GM Moves To IBM To Steer HPC Efforts

IBM has been a pioneer in large scale, hybrid computing and has staked a substantial portion of the future of its Power platform, and the ones that partners are building in conjunction with it through the OpenPower Foundation, on the idea that various kinds of compute, storage, and interconnects will be used to fabricate systems that are precisely tailored to efficiently run specific workloads.


A Peek Inside Dell’s Private Systems Business

It has been a year and a half since IT supplier Dell went private, and the company is reveling in the fact that competitors can no longer peer into its financials to look for weaknesses and that it can make decisions privately and for the long-term rather than make them publicly and largely on the much shorter-term that all public companies have to align to.


Expanding The Hyperconvergence Base

VMware seeded its market for hyperconverged storage and virtual server clusters based on its Virtual SAN (VSAN) with an open and very popular beta program ahead of its commercial launch, and rival Nutanix, wanting to aggressively expanding its own customer base, is hoping to crank up its sales through the launch of a freebie Community Edition of its Virtual Computing Platform.


Deep Learning Pioneer Pushing GPU Neural Network Limits

Back in the late 1980s, while working in the Adaptive Systems Research Department at AT&T Bell Labs, deep leaning pioneer, Yann LeCun, was just starting down the path of implementing brain-inspired machine learning concepts for image recognition and processing—an effort that would eventually lead to some of the first realizations of these technologies in voice recognition for calling systems and handwriting analysis for banks.