Want To Get Your Hands On AWS’ Latest HPC Services? Here’s How

Visit SC21 virtually AND enter to win $200 in AWS credits

You won’t be surprised that AWS serves up some of the most powerful HPC products and services on the planet.

However, you might be surprised that you can be up and running and experimenting on them for free –  just visit AWS’ SC21 landing page and enter to win $200 in AWS credits.

SC21 will be highlighting the world’s most extreme HPC applications and technology, from AI to modelling, starting November 14. But you don’t have to head to St Louis to join in.

AWS Principal Solution Architect Dr Neil Ashton will be running a virtual session on the Future of Large Scale CFD Simulations in the Cloud on November 17 at 11am CST. CFD has long been one of the prime HPC use cases – it’s the reason F1 teams compete almost as fiercely on their supercomputing chops as they do on the track. Neil will be explaining how AWS is giving HPC users the ability to run large scale models on demand in the cloud.

On November 18, at 1pm CST, you can hear from AWS Principal HPC Application Engineer Matt Koop at SC21, on Optimizing Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) with AWS Graviton2. Graviton is AWS’ custom-made, ARM-based processor architectures, powering EC2 instances for memory or compute optimized workloads, as well as general purpose computing. Matt will also demo how to use Elastic Fabric Adapter, AWS’ custom built network interface that delivers up to 400Gpbs, which can help accelerate NWP simulations.

Matt will be sharing benchmarks on NWP workloads running on these architectures to show just how they can powerup the most demanding HPC workloads.

And if you are lucky enough to be at SC21 in person, you can join an all-day tutorial on Best Practices for HPC in the Cloud with speakers from the AWS HPC team and Kelly Keene Werner from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

This session will give you a solid foundation in the skills to run common HPC workloads, as well demonstrating how to integrate cloud-native technologies into HPC workflows.

Of course, all this is likely to inspire you to explore just how you could use AWS’ HPC products and services for your own projects. Which brings us back to AWS’ SC21 landing page, and entering to win $200 in credits, just for paying it a virtual visit.

Just head this way, see what companies like INEOS, Formula 1 and Joby Aviation are doing with AWS’ HPC products and services, then simply enter to win $200 in AWS credits, and you can be experiencing some of the fastest, most powerful technology on the planet, all without even leaving home.



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