Next Platform TV for July 1, 2020

Thanks for tuning into Next Platform TV for today, July 1. With the holiday this coming week this will be the last episode until we return on Tuesday. We hope you are all able to enjoy some downtime and take a breather from this whirlwind first several months of 2020.

We have another great lineup of interviews (timestamps below), beginning with a discussion around the potential for quantum computing to transform the transportation industry with Mario Milicevic from IEEE and MaxLinear. We talk about the opportunities and challenges beyond some of the noteworthy use cases and explore which quantum architectures are most promising for transportation’s many optimization and materials problems.

For more insight into the new Neocortex supercomputer at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center we talk with Paola Buitrago, PI on the new system, which hosts the Cerebras AI accelerator. We talk about how this architecture works over current GPU based systems at the center, what it means for storage and applications (not to mention how those will mesh with existing HPC workflows) and go through how it’s been to work with a new programming environment that doesn’t have the maturity of other established accelerators.

On this episode we also explore HPC cloud momentum and close with some optimizations from Microsoft researchers to reduce jitter and improve performance of HPC applications on the cloud, all of this with our guest Aman Verma, product manager for the HPC teams at Azure.

To close the program we talk with Ankur Singla, founder and chief executive officer at Volterra, which has spent the past several years building a kind of uber-operating system that can span multiple clouds and run Kubernetes, network, and security services across them and using a private backbone network to connect them. The interesting thing about Volterra is that it is also reaching out to bare metal edge computing devices and bringing them under the same control framework, thus unifying clouds and edges.

Thanks again for tuning in, we’re thrilled with the feedback we’ve received on the show so far.

Cheat Sheet

2:23 – Quantum Computing’s Role in Transportation (With Mario Milicevic, IEEE)

11:49 – HPC Cloud Optimization and Momentum (With Aman Verma, Microsoft)

24:05 – The Neocortex AI Supercomputer: Architecture, SW Stack, Storage (With Paola Buitrago, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)

35:45 – An Operating System from Cloud to the Edge (With Ankur Singla, Volterra)

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