Next Platform TV

Next Platform TV: October 9, 2020

On today’s show, in depth with Google’s lead for technical infrastructure on the topic of open infrastructure; a look at the Arm ecosystem in supercomputing and large-scale datacenters with computing pioneer, Simon McIntosh-Smith; we check in with Matt Kixmoeller of Pure Storage to discuss containers and flash–and all the sticky points in between; the show closes with an in-depth on IBM’s opening of its Power architecture and what it means for their competitive advantage. 

Next Platform TV

Next Platform TV for September 15, 2020

On today’s program, some kickoff analysis of the Nvidia/Arm deal; a look at geospatial AI and what it requires in terms of future hardware and frameworks; physics-informed AI and what it means for future simulations and use cases; the Summit supercomputer and the “right” architecture for large-scale, multidisciplinary  COVID-19 research; the elements of a hyperconverged data platform; infrastructure as code; much more in today’s interview lineup.

Next Platform TV

Next Platform TV for September 3, 2020

A Linux distro natively tuned for containers (and open source); FPGAs in Space; funding for spin qubits (among other quantum tech); the IO500 and evaluating large-scale storage systems; an automotive company’s AI supercomputer; much more…

Linked timestamps for all interviews below for those who want to skip ahead/around.