Xilinx Works From The Edge Towards Datacenters With Versal FPGA Hybrids

The “Everest” family of hybrid compute engines made by Xilinx, which have lots of programmable logic surrounded by hardened transistor blocks and which are sold under the Versal brand, have been known for so long that we sometimes forget – or can’t believe – that Versal chips are not yet available as standalone products in the datacenter or within the Alveo line of PCI-Express cards from the chip maker.


What Gelsinger Can Do To Unscrew Intel

A little more than a week ago, Intel announced that Pat Gelsinger, its former chief technology officer and former manager of the predecessor of its Data Center Group as well as the current chief executive officer at server virtualization juggernaut VMware, would be returning to the world’s biggest chip maker to be its CEO and to take on the task of rescuing the company from itself and its competition.