Future Cray Clusters to Storm Deep Learning

Supercomputer maker Cray might not roll out machines for deep learning anytime in 2016, but like other system vendors with deep roots in high performance computing, which leverages many of the same hardware elements (strong interconnect and GPU acceleration, among others), they are seeing how to loop their expertise into a future where machine learning rules.


Details Emerge on Knights Hill Based Aurora Supercomputer

In the story we broke this morning about the forthcoming “Aurora” supercomputer set to be installed at Argonne National Laboratory—one of three pre-exascale machines that were part of the CORAL procurement between three national labs–we speculated that unlike the other two machines, which will be based on an OpenPower approach (Power9, Volta GPUs, and a new interconnect), the architecture of this system would be based on the third generation Knights family of chips from Intel, the Knights Hill processors.