What to See at Supercomputing 2018

The countdown to the annual Supercomputing Conference has begun. As The Next Platform gears up to deliver in-depth analysis of this year’s most important HPC innovations, take a moment to plan your path at the show with some of our leading SC18 partners.


Berkeley Lab First In Line for Cray “Shasta” Supercomputers

For the past five years, supercomputer maker Cray has been diligently at work not only creating a new system architecture that allows for a mix of different interconnects and compute for its future “Shasta” systems, but has also brought long-time Cray chief technology officer, Steve Scott, back into the company after two stints spent at Nvidia and Google to create a new interconnect, called “Slingshot,” that is the beating heart of the Shasta system and that signals a return of the Cray that we know and love.