1. They know that financial investors won’t understand a word they are saying so they use the tried and true marketing technique: baffle them with bullshit. The QLC layer can be replaced with HDDs at a fraction of the cost.

  2. “We do not believe in tiering. We use storage class memory internally as a metadata store that enables all of the rich functionality that we provide and as a write buffer” -> isn’t a write buffer a tier?

    “And after about a year, when we came out with our alpha product, I went back to those people we initially talked to and I asked them why did they say it would take seven or eight years?” -> Seems like this would have been a good question to ask before the development!

    It sounds like a cool product; certainly a lot of pretty words. I look forward to seeing their first IO500 submission so we can really understand for which workloads it is well-designed.

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