OEM customers routinely request personalized silicon with customization of standard parts. This presents a salient challenge for fabless chipmakers who often find themselves struggling to improve operating efficiencies while minimizing inventory overhead.

For example, three customers may request separate, specific feature configurations or data preparations for a standard SoC product. The SoC manufacturer must then determine how to best support three customer-specific part types without creating a trio of different SKUs.













Figure 1. Personalization at device manufacturer

Put simply, device personalization creates complexity in manufacturing and inventory management. Overseeing inventory in the context of multiple silicon SKUs is particularly challenging and demands accurate forecasts to avoid critical discrepancies that could lead to wasted silicon or costly delays in fulfilling orders (see Figure 2).








Figure 2. Multiple SKUs in current process

Pushing the personalization processing step to the end of the manufacturing flow just prior to or, in some cases after delivery to the customer, mitigates the impact on inventory and operations (See Figure 3).









Figure 3. With a single SKU, CryptoManager solution improves the supply chain

Utilizing Rambus’ CryptoManager solution allows chip and device makers to securely provision SoC features and keys throughout the manufacturing process. This satisfies individual customer requirements while streamlining the manufacturing process for standard products.

The CryptoManager solution also offers a high degree of visibility and a set of audit tracking controls that are secured by the platform during each step in the manufacturing supply chain. The complexities are both automated and managed by the CryptoManager platform to minimize any incremental overhead or human error that results from supporting the above-mentioned value-added services.

Essentially, the CryptoManager security platform is a complete silicon-to-cloud solution for the distribution and authentication of cryptographic keys throughout the lifecycle of a device – enabling dynamic SoC management and device personalization in the supply chain, while securing applications and services through in-field key provisioning.

The CryptoManager platform includes a Security Engine, which is a flexible root-of-trust implemented as hardware or software, for secure provisioning, configuration, keying and authentication throughout the lifecycle of a device. A local and cloud-based CryptoManager Infrastructure and Trusted Provisioning Services support the Security Engine, offering chipmakers, device OEMs, secure application developers and service providers a scalable and flexible trust management solution.

Interested in learning more about the CryptoManager platform? You can check out our CryptoManager product page on Rambus.com here.