How AMD’s Naples X86 Server Chip Stacks Up To Intel’s Xeons

Ever so slowly, and not so fast as to give competitor Intel too much information about what it is up to, but just fast enough to build interest in the years of engineering smarts that has gone into its forthcoming “Naples” X86 server processor, AMD is lifting the veil on the product that will bring it back into the datacenter and that will bring direct competition to the Xeon platform that dominates modern computing infrastructure.


Mixed Signals From Server Land

With a new generation of Xeon processors coming out later this year from Intel and AMD trying to get back in the game with its own X86 server chips – they probably will not be called Opterons – it is not a surprise to us that server makers are having a bit of trouble making their numbers in recent months.


Future Systems: Can Exascale Revive AMD?

We spend a lot of time in the upper stratospheres of computing among the hyperscale and HPC crowds here at The Next Platform, and the consistent theme across these two similar but often very different customers bases is that we need a new system architecture that provides better performance at a lower cost and in a lower thermal envelope and an expanded memory hierarchy that can help with those goals.