A Tale Of Two Enterprise IT Beasties

The so-called “Magnificent 7” or “Super 8” hyperscalers and cloud builders of the world may comprise a substantial slice of worldwide sales of servers, storage, and networking, and the cloud capacity and hyperscale services they provide may in turn represent a significant – but nowhere near dominant – chunk of overall IT spending.


Getting The Cloud But Keeping Control

The public cloud for years has tempted enterprises with the promise of much-needed agility and scalability that come with an elastic IT environment and of cost savings from not having to invest a lot of money upfront to buy a lot of infrastructure, adopting instead more flexible consumption models that allow organizations to pay only for what they use.


Evolving GPUs Power Content Recommendation at Scale

Although there are now well-engineered systems that tightly package compute, acceleration, and data movement for deep learning training, for some users, working on time-critical AI training (and constant retraining), the backend applications and frameworks require a different way of thinking.