The Serious Business Of Being A Server OEM

Not everybody is a hyperscaler or large public cloud builder, and no two companies are happier about that than Dell Technologies and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the two largest original equipment manufacturers in the world for servers and storage and also the two companies that chased plenty of sales at these webscale datacenter operators in years gone by but which have learned, of necessity, to walk away from deals where they can’t make money or even lose money.


Composability Melts Into Rack Servers

For enterprises that want to take their compute, storage and networking, create fluid pools of datacenter resources and then use software to deploy and use them as needed, Hewlett Packard Enterprise for the past few years have offered them its Synergy composable appliances that include all that hardware capabilities as well as software like OneView for IT management.


HPE To Sell Every Product As A Service By 2022

The public cloud has given enterprises a taste of infrastructure that is highly agile and scalable, that is deployed and managed by someone else and that can be paid for based on the resources use, and now they increasingly are looking for tech vendors to give them a similar experience with their on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.