Cisco Twists Open Its Intent Networking

The rise of public clouds, the Internet of Things, greater mobility, and the more devices connecting to corporate networks is creating highly distributed environments for enterprises where applications can come from a variety of places, workloads can run on-premises or somewhere in multiple public clouds and computing resources can be located anywhere from the datacenter through branch offices and the network edge and out in the cloud.


Arista Runs Barefoot With Tofino Programmable Switch Chips

If Andy Bechtolsheim, the chief technology officer at datacenter switching upstart Arista Networks, wanted to design ASICs to try to take a bigger piece of the switch pie – or more precisely, thought that this was a good idea at all – rest assured, Arista would be spending money engineering its own chips and fighting for capacity at the four remaining foundries that have advanced processes.


Driving AI At Higher Speed Into The Enterprise

The challenge with many of the complex modern technologies that are coming into datacenters is making them easy and cheap enough for enterprises to use at a their own scale, which is much more limited than that of hyperscalers and cloud builders, and employing their own skillsets, which are also more limited.


Cisco Gets Modular With Servers In Epyc Fashion

Believe it or not, Cisco Systems has a bunch of customers for its UCS blade and rack servers that are in the gaming industry, which has its share of near-hyperscale players who have widely geographically distributed clusters spread around the globe so players can get very low latency access over the Internet to games running on that infrastructure.


Making AI Users Accountable For Their Algorithms

Any new and powerful technology always cuts both ways.

The rapid rise of the machine learning flavor of artificial intelligence is due to the fact that, unlike prior approaches, it actually works and therefore can be embraced by a wide swath of businesses, research and educational institutions, and technology companies.