Next Platform TV for July 21, 2020

On today’s program we talk with Nvidia co-founder, Chris Malachowsky alongside University of Florida Provost and VP, Joe Glover, about a sizable AI investment; we focus on an end-user Kubernetes journey through the lens of telematics giant, ABAX; we talk AI in manufacturing (where it is today versus what is hyped) with Brian McCarson of Intel; and for today’s Rapid Insights segment we talk quantum for the utilities industry with IEEE pro, Carmen Fontana. We also give a preview of The Next Database Platform. You probably see the registration link for that on the right. Looking forward to seeing you there, virtually, of course.

We were pleased to have Chris Malachowsky, co-founder and fellow at Nvidia, on the show, joined by Joe Glover, provost of the University of Florida, to talk about a big set of donations made by both Malachowsky and Nvidia to create an AI center of excellence at the university. Malachowsky is donating $25 million, Nvidia is kicking in $25 million in DGX A100 servers and Mellanox switching, and the University of Florida is adding another $20 million to build a new datacenter to house a follow-on to the HiperGator 3.0 system that was just being upgraded with A100 accelerators.

We also spoke to Thomas Ornell, system engineer at ABAX, a Norwegian company that is in the telematics business and which has built a Kubernetes platform to provide this service. The company was founded in 2003 and predates Kubernetes by a decade, and it started by building a virtualized infrastructure based on the VMware stack. For the moment, it is still running Kubernetes on VMware, and the interesting thing is that over the long haul, it plans to move its entire datacenter to the cloud, presenting interesting challenges and opportunities.

Also on the program we talk to Brian McCarson (Intel) about the reality versus hype around true AI deployments among the large-scale manufacturing sites of the world. If they are indeed successful at integrating some level of deep learning into their workflows, where is this happening and to what end? Are they buying training and inference clusters or just doing what they can in a more IoT-driven way in the cloud (or on-prem)? All of this and more in this conversation.

We close today’s program with one of our Rapid Insights segment, this time around quantum computing and its potential future role in the utilities segment of the energy industry.

Thanks as always for watching. Timestamps below for quick-hopping to the interviews you want first.

2:06 – Nvidia Co-Founder + University of Florida Provost 15:17

A Kubernetes Implementation Journey (ABAX) 26:13

What is the Next Database Platform? 29:32

AI in Manufacturing: Momentum and Systems Trends

41:16 – Quantum in Utilities: Future Outlook

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