Next Platform TV for Wednesday, June 24

A wide-ranging show for today Wednesday, June 24, with emphasis first on the top supercomputing rankings and companion benchmarks around AI performance and HPC efficiency with Dr. Jack Dongarra, co-founder of the Top 500 supercomputer list and creator of several companion benchmarks, including HPCG.

Later in the program we discuss persistent memory and software defined architecture with Dr. Kevin Tubbs, who argues the days of storage as we know it have passed, soon to be replaced by software defined architectures and new approaches to memory. Later, we  switch gears entirely to talk quantum computing measurement and progress with Zapata Computing CEO, Christopher Savoie before jumping to the cloud with Joris Poort, CEO of Rescale for a discussion about EDA and other enterprise HPC applications running remotely.

On the storage front, we touch base with storage industry veteran, Molly Presley to understand why cloud migration is still an uphill battle and finally, we conclude today’s show with something a bit different–a supercomputing startup with roots in container innovation using Minecraft and gaming techniques to model the global healthcare crisis.

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