No Server Recession At Lenovo And Supermicro So Far

We think that server spending is a leading indicator of economic growth or decline, and we are tracking the public companies that peddle systems to try to get a sense of how they are doing to get a better sense of what enterprises, governments, academic institutions, and other organizations separate from the hyperscalers and cloud builders, the latter of which comprise around half of server shipments and slightly less than half of server spending.


Supermicro Aspires To Be A $10 Billion Server Maker

Supermicro has always been an interesting IT supplier for the datacenter, and it is getting more interesting by the year as it continues to grow very fast and has set itself a goal of break $10 billion in annual sales, which would put Supermicro behind only Dell and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, on par with Inspur, and ahead of

Since the advent of the X86 server market thirty years ago, Supermicro has been unique among its server making peers in a number of ways.