Programming The Network With Intel NEX Chief Nick McKeown

It would be very difficult indeed to find a better general manager for Intel’s newly constituted Network and Edge Group networking business than Nick McKeown, and Pat Gelsinger, the chief executive officer charged with turning around Intel’s foundries and its chip design business, is lucky that Intel was on an acquisitive bend in the wake of its rumored failed attempt to buy Mellanox and Nvidia’s successful purchase of Mellanox a few months later.


Graphcore Goes Full 3D With AI Chips

The 3D stacking of chips has been the subject of much speculation and innovation in the past decade, and we will be the first to admit that we have been mostly thinking about this as a way to cram more capacity into a given compute engine while at the same time getting components closer together along the Z axis and not just working in 2D anymore down on the X and Y axes.