Next Platform TV for September 3, 2020

A Linux distro natively tuned for containers (and open source); FPGAs in Space; funding for spin qubits (among other quantum tech); the IO500 and evaluating large-scale storage systems; an automotive company’s AI supercomputer; much more…

Linked timestamps for all interviews below for those who want to skip ahead/around.

We start off the program by talking to Peder Ulander, who is head of enterprise and developer marketing at Amazon Web Services, about the new Linux distribution optimized for containers that AWS has released into the wild called Bottlerocket. This is the Linux distro that Amazon and AWS use themselves, and it differs from other Linux-Kubernetes mashups in that it is tuned to hook very tightly into AWS services.

Also on the program we talk to Intel’s head of quantum hardware, Jim Clarke, about the Q-Next program and the future of its quantum efforts focused on spin qubits—something that has promise for Intel in terms of manufacturability on existing infrastructure.

We also spoke to Phil Vandenberge, vice president of the automotive business for EMEA at Nvidia about the DGX cluster in use at Continental, a provider of automotive entertainment and now Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for self-driving cars. This machine is the most powerful AI supercomputer in private use by any company in the auto business.

On today’s show we also look at the IO500 benchmark for large-scale storage systems with the benchmark’s co-creator, Jay Lofstead (Sandia). We take a look at the list as it stands, what it tells us about what works in storage (and doesn’t) and where the benchmark will go in future iterations.

We close the program with a chat with Gabe Dominguez, a technical sales engineer at Xilinx, about the use of FPGAs in Mars rovers, including new radiation-hardened chips that Xilinx has just cooked up.

Timestamps (Click Link)

Peter Ulander (AWS) on Bottlerocket: the new open source Linux distro that is container native.

Spin Qubit Investments for Intel via Q-Next Program with Intel’s Director of Quantum Hardware, Jim Clarke

Continental’s AI Supercomputer with Phil Van Den Berge, head of EMEA auto at Nvidia

The IO500 Benchmark: Overview, Function (for and outside HPC), and Future Directions with Jay Lofstead (Sandia/benchmark co-creator)

FPGAs in Space: With Gabe Dominguez, Xilinx

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