HPC In The Cloud For FEA

HOT SEAT INTERVIEW: Will your smartphone break if you drop it? Will your car crumple if you crash it? Will the beams that hold up your roof buckle under extreme weather conditions?

It’s these characteristics that finite element analysis (FEA) simulations are designed to help test prior to product construction, and they require a lot of raw compute power to build the complex 3D meshes which verify the design.

Want to hear more? Then sign up to watch The Register Hot Seat interview – “HPC in the Cloud” – which features our very own Tim Phillips grill Sandeep Sovani, Global Head of GTM for Engineering Simulation in the Cloud at AWS.

Sandeep explains how AWS HPC instances running on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors help engineers in multiple industries – from aerospace, automotive and agriculture to healthcare, construction and technology – design and test the products we use everyday.

With over 400 Amazon EC2 instances powered by Intel, there’s a machine for pretty much every job, including FEA. And, the cloud delivers the flexibility and economies of scale which brings HPC resources in reach of organizations both large and small.

Sponsored by AWS & Intel.

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