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Real estate teaches us that location matters, and business teaches us that branding matters. There is no doubt that you have to start with a unique product to be successful, but these other factors are important, too. It is with this in mind that we are now called The Next Platform and are taking up residence at our new domain name,

Our mission is still the same, of course.

We are always on the lookout for the new technologies that organizations are deploying to build their next platform, the ones on which their operations will depend, whether it is a commercial business managing its data and money, running its transactions, and doing the myriad things that are necessary to engage with and retain customers; or a supercomputing center using advanced architectures to simulate future products or predict the weather; or a hyperscaler pushing the limits of scalability and machine learning to serve billions of users; or a cloud provider creating infrastructure on a massive scale for running all kinds of workloads.

Wherever the boundaries are being pushed, and however they are being pushed, that is where you will find The Next Platform.

We are excited about having a top-level domain rather than, which we launched with back in March. We are thankful for the immense support that this new and still young publication has received from both readers and sponsors. (We are also making the move to avoid any confusion with the company that operates Thank you all for your support, and please do bookmark us at our new address. We are in the process of shifting our emails over as well, so bear with us.

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