HPE-NVIDIA Centers of Excellence Drive AI Expertise in Every Industry

Pankaj Goyal, VP, AI Business & Data Center Strategy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Leading-edge techniques like deep learning are quickly gaining traction as today’s enterprises attempt to extract real-time insights from massive data volumes. However, many businesses are looking to get started with deep learning and may be unsure of how to acquire the tools and expertise required for success. New Centers of Excellence (CoEs) from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and NVIDIA® are addressing these key challenges and providing access to the technological tools and skills that will help customers in every industry better utilize these key innovations.

Many businesses today are striving to fully leverage all of their data as a rapidly expanding ‘Internet of Things’ generates a massive amount of data every day. It’s become quite a task to analyze, classify, recognize, and categorize such large data volumes, not to mention convert it into actionable intelligence that can be used to drive competitive advantage. To accomplish this more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, businesses are turning to high performance computing (HPC) technologies and complex learning algorithms.

As businesses strive to use data to drive efficiencies, better engage customers, and develop new business models, artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly making its way into the enterprise. Specifically, techniques like deep learning – a key subset of AI which uses deep neural networks to identify features and trends in massive amounts of unlabeled data – are quickly gaining popularity. Graphics processing units (GPUs) have become an enabling technology for deep learning activities, as only GPUs provide the parallel computing capabilities needed to power deep learning algorithms and train deep neural networks in a fraction of the time and using far less data center infrastructure.

While the basic principles of deep learning may seem simple to understand, as businesses attempt to integrate and apply these techniques they quickly realize that deep learning is a highly complex computational task. Despite the many recent advances in this area that have made deep learning more accessible to a variety of enterprises, many still face daunting barriers to adoption, including a lack of mature IT infrastructure, insufficient technology capabilities, or inadequate staff knowledge.

To help businesses navigate these challenges, HPE and NVIDIA recently announced enhanced Centers of Excellence (CoEs). These jointly-staffed facilities are designed to assist IT departments and data scientists who are looking to accelerate their deep learning applications and realize better ROI from their deployments in the short term. Five global CoEs, situated in Korea, Sydney, Grenoble, Bangalore, and Houston, are now available to offer customers easy access to the latest deep learning technology innovations, as well as assist with benchmarking, code modernization, and proof of concept (PoC) initiatives.

Users can experiment with the resources at each CoE either in-person or online using an HPE network. For those that visit a CoE in-person, each visit kicks-off with a workshop that is designed to define a customer’s deep learning needs and expectations. Technologists from HPE and NVIDIA with deep application development, performance, solution, and hardware knowledge will guide customers through each available technology, as well as demonstrate how deep learning can fit into the business.

Next, benchmarking can be done using actual workloads from the customer, and these everyday workloads can be tested and qualified using the latest hardware technologies from HPE and NVIDIA. Each CoE showcases the latest server platforms from HPE based on NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators, including HPE’s new Gen10 platform, NVIDIA® Tesla® P100, and NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU accelerators. The hardware is refreshed often to continuously incorporate the latest deep learning innovations from HPE and NVIDIA. The CoEs are also an ideal place to see new technologies that may not be widely available yet, giving customers the chance to experiment with the latest generation systems before they buy. In addition, users can engage directly with certified deep learning experts, who are available to conduct hands-on deep learning training or workshops in the customer’s own environment and with their own in-house IT staff.

HPE and NVIDIA are longtime partners in the HPC domain, but now they are leveraging this partnership to demystify deep learning techniques for companies across every industry. HPE’s strong track record of delivering comprehensive, workload-optimized compute solutions for AI and deep learning applications combined with NVIDIA’s industry-leading GPUs are enabling businesses to harness the massive amounts of data at their disposal and easily master new groundbreaking techniques. Our team of experts can engage with customers during every stage of their deep learning journey, whether they have just begun to explore new technologies, or are already using deep learning but want to further optimize their workloads. Let us provide support at any stage of the adoption curve and help assemble the technological building blocks will drive deep learning insights across an entire organization.

The HPE-NVIDIA Centers of Excellence are a vehicle of support for any customer on the deep learning journey, and these resources are helping businesses in every industry accelerate deep learning insights and discover a whole new frontier of analytical capabilities. To learn more about how the HPE-NVIDIA CoEs can help every business overcome the challenges of deep learning adoption, come find me on Twitter at @pango. Or for additional HPC and AI news and updates, please also visit @HPE_HPC and  @NVIDIADC.

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