Frank Cohen used his competitive evaluation guide methodology to determine functional and performance differences between WANdisco LiveMigrator and Cloudera BDR. These products move Hadoop data from on-premise installations to the Cloud, moving data between Clouds, and moving data between Cloud regions.

In summary, Frank Cohen observed the following:

1) WANdisco LiveMigrator’s performance is 38 times superior to Cloudera BDR in measurements of Time To Available Data (TTAD) when moving 1 terabyte. WANdisco LiveMigrator uses replication technology to make data available from the target cluster during the migration. Cloudera BDR technology requires the data to be offline until the entire migration finishes.

2) WANdisco LiveMigrator’s performance for Total Migration Time (TMT) is superior to Cloudera BDR’s. LiveMigrator’s full transfer of a cluster was 30% faster than BDR using 40% less memory. LiveMigrator performance is constant as data volumes increase, making TTAD increase linearly with larger datasets. For example, at 1 petabyte BDR’s TTAD becomes 38,000 times longer than LiveMigrator.

3) WANdisco LiveMigrator replicates the same data volumes during normal operations when other applications are running on the source cluster up to 90% faster than BDR, without impacting the performance of the applications.

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