Don’t get left out in the cold! Warm up on great solutions at Lenovo Winterstock 2022

PROMO Exascale technologies will shape your world in the years ahead, whether they’re on your 2022 to do list or not.  So we have conveniently assembled all of them in a celebration of all things HPC & AI!

Lenovo’s Winterstock 2022: Festival of Solutions runs from January 24 to 27 and serves up four compact but information-packed half day virtual sessions that will help you understand key underlying technologies, their applications today, and their implications for the world in the years ahead.

Starting with Artificial Intelligence Day on January 24, you’ll see how edge computing is reshaping AI, while Fabio Masci, CEO at The Edge Company explains what happens when the drone and AI industries come together. You’ll also hear how to ensure AI is safe, ethical, legal and fair.

On day two the keywords are Sustainability, Carbon Negative and Green SuperComputing, with Lenovo’s experts showing you how to set a path for not just net zero, but for net negative computing in both mainstream tech and supercomputing and HPC. And you’ll hear from Jens Struckmeier, CTO and founder of Cloud & Heat, on how to ensure CO2 neutrality and sustainability in critical infrastructures.

The hottest area of discussion in IT today is everything “as a Service”, and new consumption models.  Join us on Wednesday the 26th to hear about everything from silicon to storage “as a Service.”

Infrastructure Day, on January 27, will show you how Lenovo and partners like NVIDIA, are using GPUs and other acceleration engines to deliver not just exascale, but everyscale. As well as Lenovo’s experts, you’ll hear from NVIDIA’s Gilad Shainer, and Altair’s Jérémie Bourdoncle.

There’s a whole world of new tech barrelling towards you like a speedskater coming around the last turn. But all you need to do to get ready for it is head here, register, and put together your tailored programme. What are you waiting for? Get your skates on.

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