GreenLake: Finally, A Platform That HPE Utterly Controls

Both Hewlett-Packard and Compaq, which also included parallel database system maker Tandem and minicomputer innovator Digital Equipment Corp when HP bought Compaq for $25 billion back in September 2001, had histories as platform providers but the combined companies were not able to create on the X86 platform the kinds of venerable platforms such as the HP 3000 and DEC VAX and AlphaServer minicomputers, the HP 9000 Unix systems, or the Tandem NonStop systems.


Hadoop Pioneer MapR Faces An Uncertain Future

It is no secret that the big three commercial Hadoop distributors have been running into headwinds in recent years as more workloads and data have made their way into the public cloud and that these Hadoop platform providers have spent a lot of money and time to expand their stacks beyond the basic open source Hadoop.


Breaking Out of the Hadoop Cocoon

The announcement last fall that top Hadoop vendors Cloudera and Hortonworks were coming together in a $5.2 billion merger – and reports about the financial toll that their competition took on each other in the quarters leading up to the deal – revived questions that have been raised in recent years about the future of Hadoop in an era where more workloads are moving into public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) that offer a growing array of services that many of the jobs that the open-source technology already does.


MapR Bulks Up Database for Modern Apps

MapR Technologies has been busy in recent years build out its capabilities as a data platform company that can support a broad range of open-source technologies, from Hadoop and Spark to Hive, and can reach from the data center through the edge and out into the cloud.