Intel FPGA Architecture Focuses on Deep Learning Inference

There has been much written about the potential for FPGAs to take a leadership role in accelerating deep learning but in practice, the hurdles of getting from concept to high performance hardware design are still taller than many AI shops are willing to scale, particularly when GPUs dominate in training and in a pinch, standard CPUs will do just fine for datacenter inference since they involve little developer overhead.


Intel Makes Money Hand Over Fist In The Datacenter

Despite the increasing competitive pressures that Intel is feeling in the datacenter and very serious issues that the company is having ramping up its 10 nanometer manufacturing processes, the datacenter business at Intel were booming in the second quarter, helping to drive a record second quarter and what is looking like will be a record full year for the chip maker.


The End Of Xeon Phi – It’s Xeon And Maybe GPUs From Here

To a certain extent, the “Knights” family of parallel processors, sold under the brand name Xeon Phi, by Intel were exactly what they were supposed to be: A non-mainstream product that tried out a different architecture than its mainstream Xeon family of server processors and that was aimed at the high performance computing jet set that is, by definition, supposed to take risks on new architectures.