Intel: I Was Lostry, But Now I Am Foundry

Pat Gelsinger, current chief executive officer at Intel and formerly the head of its Data Center Group as well as its chief technology officer, famously invented the tick-tock method of chip launches to bring some order and reason to the way the world’s largest chip maker – as it was in the mid-2000s – mitigated risk and spurred innovation in its products.


OSC Blends Intel HBM CPUs And Nvidia HBM GPUs For “Cardinal” Supercomputer

For a lot of state universities in the United States, and their equivalent political organizations of regions or provinces in other nations across the globe, it is a lot easier to find extremely interested undergraduate and graduate students who want to contribute to the font of knowledge in high performance computing than it is to find the budget to build a top-notch supercomputer of reasonable scale.


The Tough Road Still Ahead For Intel In The Datacenter

A few years back, when Intel went up on the rocks with its CPU and GPU designs largely because its chip research and manufacturing did not keep pace with the manufacturing and packaging advances made by foundry rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, we said that we were rapidly moving towards a world where Intel might have 40 percent of the CPU market, AMD might have 40 percent, and Arm and RISC-V would fight over the remaining 19 percent and 1 percent remaining for other exotic datacenter compute engine chippery.