Setting The Stage For 1.6T Ethernet, And Driving 800G Now

Marvell has had a large and profitable I/O and networking silicon business for a long time, but with the acquisitions of Inphi in October 2020 and of Innovium in August 2021, the company is building a credible networking stack that can take on Broadcom, Cisco Systems, and Nvidia for the $1.3 billion or so in switch chips sold into the datacenter each year, which is growing at about 15 percent a year to more than $2 billion by 2026.


Where China’s Long Road To Datacenter Compute Independence Leads

While we are big fans of laissez faire capitalism like that of the United States and sometimes Europe — right up to the point where monopolies naturally form and therefore competition essentially stops, and thus monopolists need to be regulated in some fashion to promote the common good as well as their own profits — we also see the benefits that accrue from a command economy like that which China has built over the past four decades.