Intel Downplays Hybrid CPU-GPU Engines, Merges NNP Into GPU

When Intel announced its “Falcon Shores” project to build a hybrid CPU-GPU compute engine back in February 2022 that allowed the independent scaling of CPU and GPU capacity within a single socket, it looked like the chip maker was preparing to take on rivals Nvidia and AMD head on with hybrid compute motors, which Intel calls XPUs, AMD calls APUs, and Nvidia doesn’t really have if you want to be strict about what its “superchips” are and what they are not.


The Skills Gap For Fortran Looms Large In HPC

Back in the dawn of time, which is four decades ago in computer science and which was before technical computing went mainstream with the advent of Unix workstations and their beefy server cousins, the computer science students we knew at college had taught themselves BASIC on either TRS-80s or Commodore VICs and they went to college to learn something useful like COBOL and maybe got a smattering of C and Pascal, or occasionally even RPG, for variety.