In the rapidly evolving world of engineering and manufacturing (E&M), business leaders are working tirelessly to improve the quality of their products and services, drive customer satisfaction, and grow their companies faster than the competition.

IT innovation is key to facilitating business profitability and success. Capitalizing on disruptions such as Big Data and analytics is enabling companies across the E&M sector to operate smarter and more cost-effectively than ever. Many manufacturers and engineers are utilizing high performance computing (HPC) technologies to empower intelligent, data-driven product design and development. Manufacturers are also harnessing the power of dense GPUs within their HPC servers to deliver a seamless and highly interactive user experience for product engineers. The most successful manufacturers are employing HPC and GPU-accelerated solutions to streamline IT operations. Those who do will have the opportunity to improve supply chain visibility and productivity, optimize the product development process, increase brand loyalty, and become digital disruptors in their field.


In order to survive in this fast-paced landscape, E&M companies are continually striving to shorten design cycles and rapidly bring offerings to market. IT departments are now leveraging Big Data analytics to fuel product innovation, model and simulate new designs, pinpoint inefficiencies, and increase product quality and effectiveness. Additionally, predictive analytics is helping IT teams monitor workplace environments and equipment in real time, dramatically reducing the risk of breakdowns and bottlenecks in production.

Big Data analysis is essential to enhance product design while reducing development time and cost, and savvy business leaders are using this powerful approach to ensure success from the moment of conception, to the moment of deployment and beyond. In fact, IDC forecasts that worldwide revenue from Big Data and business analytics will reach $187 billion in 2019.

Actionable intelligence can improve E&M operations in a variety of ways:

·      Increase the accuracy and yield of products and services

·      Better forecast product demand

·      Streamline supply planning

·      Identify and resolve defects during the design and development processes

·      Forecast product quality and performance

·      Enhance testing and simulation of new products and services

In addition to gaining competitive advantage, data insights open the door for groundbreaking IT innovations such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, which promise to revolutionize manufacturing industries with superior product quality, speed, and performance.


Data is the foundation for going farther, faster. Today’s business leaders are adopting proven HPC server platforms to accelerate insight, reduce time to market, and deliver more innovative products.

Manufacturers rely on HPC-driven data analytics to enhance the product development process, from preliminary design and collaboration phases to product simulation, testing, and deployment. High-speed solutions are empowering companies to accurately visualize increasingly complex products. HPC simulation is taking product development to the next level, delivering real-time, reliable performance from the data center to the workstation. Additionally, GPU-accelerated computing allows businesses to scale up performance and design capabilities while simulating on the same workstation to accelerate workflow. This helps E&M companies achieve greater productivity and efficiency across a variety of machines, applications, and remote devices.

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