As this global technology manufacturer has aggressively embraced cloud computing and open frameworks to support its rapid growth of new services, the company turned to New Relic’s SaaS-based software analytics solution to optimize the performance and availability of its application infrastructure in a cost-effective manner and place a new focus on monitoring the user experience.

With the New Relic SaaS-based APM solution, the organization’s developers can add hosts quickly to support the rapid deployment of new applications. As a result of the near immediate results the company has seen, the number of hosts managed by New Relic has quadrupled in the past two years, and the manufacturer plans to standardize New Relic on its new hosted services, projected to grow at least 25% annually for the foreseeable future.

The company also has on-premise management systems in place. These on-premise management solutions, which have an environment comparable in scope to the New Relic managed environment, cost the company more than twice as much as the New Relic service. By choosing New Relic, the customer will save over $3 million for this implementation alone. The New Relic deployment was quick (one day) and payback was quick (three months), resulting in an ROI of 314%.

As the company migrates more application server environments to New Relic, it will greatly enhance its performance and optimize its server management cost structure, making it more competitive.

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