Cognitive computing is a key driver for digital transformation—empowering organizations to optimize engineering and design processes, accelerate scientific research, identify potential health conditions, or forecast the next natural disaster. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of cognitive computing in which machines utilize sophisticated training models to analyze and learn from vast datasets. These machines can perform tasks similar to the human brain, such as harnessing insights in order to learn, reason, recognize patterns, and even predict future outcomes. The applications of AI are endless, including smart cars and cities, prescriptive maintenance, fraud detection, high-frequency training, data security, speech and facial recognition, virtual agents, and more.


AI has the potential to enhance both human and digital capabilities to expedite today’s workloads and satisfy the escalating demands of tomorrow. We are HPE are committed to extending AI implementation as well as equipping organizations to leverage deeper insight with vertical solutions and services that are purpose-built for AI.


Among these new offerings, HPE is developing cutting-edge solutions to fuel innovation and the next generation of intelligence. Robust HPE servers like the Apollo 6500 Gen10, supercharged by NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 32 GB, are expertly engineered to accommodate data-heavy and compute-intensive workloads. To help organizations get started on their AI journeys, we also announced its AI Transformation Workshop. This valuable learning opportunity will enable organizations to pinpoint use cases aligned with their business priorities, and optimize and scale AI usage in order to improve operational efficiency, evolve their strategic data and analytics goals, and drive business outcomes.

Empowering digital transformation with AI

Data is generated at an unbelievable rate by supercomputers, satellites, sensors, security cameras, navigational systems, mobile phones, and countless other smart devices. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful organization is what happens to that data. As data increases in both quantity and complexity, organizations must find ways to analyze troves of data types and convert them into actionable intelligence. According to a 451 Research survey, AI is one of the top IT initiatives for 2018; however, roughly 60 percent of organizations lack a formal transformation strategy.

The HPE AI Transformation Workshop is designed to help attendees leverage the full potential of their data to achieve deeper insights, and process automation to fuel innovation. These highly visual, interactive one-day workshops will make organizations get ready for AI. HPE knows that each organization has a unique path toward AI implementation which includes creating a robust IT environment to facilitate building a data foundation, developing advanced analytics solutions, and experimenting with AI for select use cases.


HPE Pointnext AI experts will provide consulting services and industry-leading expertise to help business and technology decision-makers assess their data and analytics needs in order to create a roadmap to AI. This highly personalized plan incorporates your organizations’ individual requirements as well as proof-of-value recommendations for select use cases to accelerate AI exploration and experimentation with your own data. The collaborative one-on-one nature of the HPE AI Transformation Workshop makes it the ideal learning experience for organizations who have a basic understanding of AI concepts, intend to pursue AI implementation in the next six months, or are looking for professional guidance to get started.


Creating your roadmap to AI in 3 easy steps

The HPE AI Transformation Workshop is carefully designed to prepare organizations to harness next-generation analytics. Through three easy steps, HPE Pointnext AI experts will position organizations to achieve groundbreaking insight and pioneer a new era of intelligence.


  1. The first step involves selecting and analyzing potential AI use cases. The foundation of this three-step approach is to identify beneficial use cases, articulate desired business outcomes, and pinpoint success factors. While it may be tempting to dive into AI research and application development, defining these components will enable organizations to create a high-level strategy to align business and IT. This planning phase provides a critical look into current business opportunities, needs, and challenges to decide where AI will be most effective and what data sources will be utilized. You can discover valuable internal information and uncover new ways to enrich your data.
  2. The second step of the HPE AI Transformation Workshop challenges organizations to identify desired outcomes and the right level of analytics. Once use cases are selected, you are ready to define what your AI solution should do and how it will deliver the desired outcomes. In this phase, HPE Pointnext AI experts will guide your organization in exploring the different analytics required by selected use cases (e.g. reactive, proactive, or real-time inputs) as well as recognizing potential automated actions and triggers.
  3. The third step takes an in-depth look to assess and analyze required datasets. The final step of the HPE AI Transformation Workshop is designed to help you understand the readiness of your environment by pinpointing the characteristics of key datasets, qualify internal and external data sources, and ascertain data cleaning and aggregation requirements. It’s common for organization to consider a single data consumption model; however, the most successful method is often to layer multiple data sources—such as utilizing multiple AI algorithms, adding traditional analytics, or leveraging a traditional data filter. Combining data streams is an immensely valuable and effective way to extract faster and more accurate insights.

We are committed to empowering your AI transformation. And with powerful partner NVIDIA offering the world’s most advanced data center GPU to deliver breakneck speeds and superior analytics capabilities, HPE provides the right solutions and expertise to help your organization plan, develop, and ultimately deploy an enterprise-ready AI solution.


Contact HPE to learn more about our advisory services, and to book an exclusive Transformation Workshop.

Go deeper on AI and deep learning

Once you have completed the workshop or you are interested in expanding your deep learning knowledge base, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) is a great next step. With the DLI, HPE and NVIDAI can help jump start your knowledge around deep learning and guide you on how to get started. We show the different technologies available and we can also explain and show what you need to actually solve the problem with the hardware from HPE and skills in DL.


Get the details on the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) and HPE Education Services partners.