SAAS App Management

2011 was a fantastic year for New Relic and we want to say thank you to our customers for making it happen! We hate bragging and don’t really like “momentum press releases”, but allow me to mention some successes for just one paragraph: we are thrilled to have more than tripled our key metrics for the fourth year in a row (customers, revenue, bookings, etc). Today we now have 16,000 17,250+ 30,000+ customer accounts actively using New Relic (by the way, we only focus on active accounts – we don’t look at vanity metrics like ‘downloads’ and ‘signups’ – we know that an active account is a happy account, so we focus on that). We’re processing close to 40 60 billion measurements and metrics each day (getting to be over 1.0 1.5 million a minute in aggregate!) across 350,000+ 700,000+ application instances in public, private and hybrid cloud environments as a well as on-premise data centers. Finally, we’ve picked up some of the largest businesses as customers, as well as some of the coolest startups.


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