Optimized HPC Solutions Driving Performance, Efficiency, and Scale

Technology is transforming nearly every human and business process, from driving business growth, to translating documents in real time, to enhancing decision-making in areas like financial services and scientific research. High performance computing (HPC) is helping organizations harness the full power of their data to perform faster and smarter than ever. Spearheading these technological advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) is introducing a new breed of intelligent machines that can solve highly complex problems quickly, while simplifying IT management and reducing time to insight.

Today’s organizations are leveraging deep learning, a powerful component of AI, to analyze data and derive actionable intelligence at lightning speeds. Backed by HPC performance, deep learning applications utilize predictive analytics to forecast future activity, behaviors, and trends as well as Big Data analytics to disclose and resolve hidden problems in data. However, evolving industry requirements are pushing organizations to the brink of their IT capabilities, and challenging them to process rising volumes of data with greater efficiency and precision.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is offering industry-leading technologies and services to accelerate HPC and AI applications. This comprehensive, purpose-built portfolio for deep learning supports massively parallel processing for large, unstructured datasets, and rapidly exceeds the throughput of typical industry standard servers. Featuring density-optimized systems, HPE innovations are facilitating new levels of performance, efficiency, and scale.


HPE’s goal is to create a superior IT environment marked by enhanced security, agility, flexibility, and economic control. Optimized HPC platforms are purpose-built to execute increasingly complex workloads as business requirements continue to evolve.

The HPE SGI 8600 is rapidly transforming compute capabilities. This petascale system can scale to thousands of nodes, making it the fastest distributed-memory server in the world and the ideal choice for managing AI and HPC applications. And with liquid cooling features and closed-loop airflow, users can capitalize on dramatically lower energy costs without sacrificing performance. Organizations who invest in this cutting-edge technology will have the opportunity to speed innovation with the ease of a comprehensive infrastructure. The HPE SGI Management Suite ensures ease of use and allows provisioning of thousands of nodes in minutes, provides detailed system health monitoring, offers fine-grained power management.

In addition to the 8600, HPE Apollo systems provide a bridge from traditional to scale-out architectures that are expressly designed to maximize performance, streamline data center management, and optimize resource consumption such as power, cooling, and space. HPE is turbocharging AI operations with three Apollo HPC systems:

  • The HPE Apollo 6500 offers automated real-time intelligence to run massively parallel applications such as deep learning.
  • The HPE Apollo 2000 system is optimized to increase data center floor space, compute performance, and flexibility to support a wide range of configurations and workload requirements.
  • The HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 is a next-generation server that enables faster processing, high-speed memory access, updated software-defined management and security, as well as HPC cluster performance with 100 GBPS node-to-node connectivity.

Announced earlier this month, the HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 is the world’s most secure industry standard server. This revolutionary system promotes optimal productivity, efficiency, and security, and only HPE promises a Secure Compute Lifecycle by embedding silicon in the firmware. The Silicon Root of Trust ensures comprehensive hardware and software protection throughout manufacturing, distribution, installation, and usage. And with automated task scheduler and management applications, organizations can operate and scale with confidence.


HPE is bolstering their HPC platforms with advisory and transformational services, including applications designed to enhance security, agility, and flexibility.

Among these offerings, software-defined solutions are facilitating easy IT deployment and management. The HPE Performance Software Suite—including the HPE Performance Software Core Stack, HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility, HPE SGI Management Suite, and HPE Performance Software Message Passing Interface—is helping organizations accelerate HPC application performance and scale with a “limitless” architecture.

To further streamline HPC operations, HPE Pointnext services work to optimize HPC projects and operational services, such as Flexible Capacity, to enhance the resiliency, flexibility, and efficiency of the IT lifecycle. These capabilities enable customers to meet escalating industry demands, drive cost-efficiencies, and accommodate future growth.

New optimized solutions from HPE are redefining the boundaries of HPC—and the future is closer than we think. To learn more about these game-changing technologies, I invite you to follow me on Twitter at @Bill_Mannel and visit @HPE_HPC for up-to-the-minute news and updates.

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