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Introducing optimized solutions, a new generation compute experience and advanced technologies for the future. Powered by the world’s most secure industry standard servers for HPC and AI.

HPC can turn insights into cash

HPC can turn insights into cash. Here’s how the HPE Apollo 6500 with NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU delivers the processing throughput to power a robust insight-to-cash cycle..

A New Frontier of AI and Deep Learning Capabilities

Powerful and cost-effective HPC platforms promote data fusion, reduce training time, and enable ultra-scale real-time data analytics to power deep learning systems.

Accelerating Deep Learning Insights with New GPU-Based Solutions

Backed by purpose-built HPC systems designed for maximum performance, HPE announces a comprehensive GPU-based solutions portfolio tailored to a new frontier of AI and deep learning capabilities.

Advancing AI Capabilities with Next-Generation HPC Solutions

HPE and NVIDIA are delivering IT solutions with superhuman intelligence to harness the full power of AI and pioneer the next generation of HPC systems.

Big Data Driving New Approaches in Econometrics

The granularity offered by Big Data will enable econometricians to adopt new data-driven styles of analysis and investigation to help them resolve their biggest economic questions

Improving Business Productivity with Machine Learning

Data is the foundation of success, from fueling scientific research to delivering a personalized shopping experience. Today’s organizations are utilizing machine learning to harness the full power of their data.

Optimized HPC Solutions Driving Performance, Efficiency, and Scale

Organizations are leveraging HPC solutions to analyze data and derive actionable intelligence at lightning speeds. HPE is offering industry-leading solutions and services to accelerate HPC and AI innovation.

Using Machine Learning to Enhance the Customer Experience

The paradigm shift in the way businesses interact with their customers has driven the use of machine learning for enriching customer experiences, creating more personalized and customer-centric interactions, and offering seamless omnichannel communications.

The Convergence Or Divergence Of HPC And AI Iron

Based on datacenter practices of the past two decades, it is a matter of faith that it is always better to run a large number of applications on a given set of generic infrastructure than it is to have highly tuned machines running specific workloads.






Leading the charge to exascale computing Gen-Z A new approach to data access



Computing at the speed of memory Accelerated computing and the democratization of supercomputing



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