Intel To Challenge AMD With 48 Core “Cascade Lake” Xeon AP

AMD is hosting its “Next Horizon” datacenter event in San Francisco this week, and archrival Intel, which is losing some market share to AMD but not feeling the pain on its books yet thanks to a massive buildout in server infrastructure at hyperscalers, cloud builders, and smaller service providers like telcos, is hitting back by divulging some of its plans for next year’s “Cascade Lake” Xeon lineup.


Berkeley Lab First In Line for Cray “Shasta” Supercomputers

For the past five years, supercomputer maker Cray has been diligently at work not only creating a new system architecture that allows for a mix of different interconnects and compute for its future “Shasta” systems, but has also brought long-time Cray chief technology officer, Steve Scott, back into the company after two stints spent at Nvidia and Google to create a new interconnect, called “Slingshot,” that is the beating heart of the Shasta system and that signals a return of the Cray that we know and love.