Hyperscalers Bringing Nvidia’s Grace-Blackwell Superchip To Their Clouds

At his company’s GTC 2024 Technical Conference this week, Nvidia co-founder and chief executive officer Jensen Huang, unveiled the chip maker’s massive Blackwell GPUs and accompanying NVLink networking systems, promising a future where hyperscale cloud providers, HPC centers, and other organizations of size and means can meet the rapidly increasing compute demands driven by the emergence of generative AI.


There Is Still A Place For FPGAs In The Datacenter

By the time that the founders of Achronix, who were all techies from Cornell University, decided to found their own FPGA company twenty years ago, FPGAs had already been in the field for twenty years and the market was dominated by Xilinx (now part of AMD) and Altera (still part of Intel until it gets spun out sometime in the future).