GPUs Speak Volumes in Semantic AI Platforms

No matter how inadvertently, DARPA has helped spawn a number of new companies and mainstream technologies over the years, including recognizable mainstays like the Siri speech recognition engine, which evolved from the artificial intelligence CALO (Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes), a five year, $200 million backed effort backed by the agency.


Hadoop Focus Shifts as it Enters Golden Years

For those who remember Hadoop in its infancy, there seemed to be an endless parade of arguments, articles, and assertions about what The Next Platform could and could never do, with one side touting it as the most important entrant into the datacenter and the other denying its potential to do anything beyond add some new approaches to storage.


Behind The UK’s Bleeding Edge Supercomputing Plan

Just as the fervor died down around the massive deals for forthcoming pre-exascale supercomputers in the United States following the CORAL procurements (most recently, with the announcement of Aurora—the only one of three such HPC deals that is not betting the future on IBM OpenPower systems) the supercomputing spark was stoked again, this time, from across the pond.