Futurist Keynote: Professor Sue Black, June 14

SPONSORED POST Technology has changed the lives of countless people over the years, many of them women from underserved communities who have been helped through education and onto the career ladder by the improved methods of communication, collaboration, and information dissemination which IT innovation has consistently enabled.

The second instalment of the keynote series run by Lenovo, Nutanix, and Intel features Professor Sue Black.

Sue is a Professor of Computer Science and Technology Evangelist in the Department of Computer Science at Durham University. Professor Black will talk about talk about her own experience with technology, the Internet and the cloud and highlight how they have changed her life for the better and can change yours too.

Her story is truly inspirational. A single parent of three children living on a London council estate by her mid-20s, Professor Black ended up in women’s refuge before going back into education at 26, ten years after she originally left school with no qualifications. She went on to gain a degree and then a PhD in computing, before becoming an academic, lecturer and renowned technology evangelist.

Her work includes the development and running of the UK Women’s Equality Party and founding the British Computer Society Women’s Network back in 1998, the country’s first online network for women in tech. Professor Black later helped set up Tech Mums, a social enterprise which empowers mums and their families through technology and was heavily involved in the saving of Bletchley Park, the UK’s historic WWII intelligence base camp and home to the Enigma codebreakers.

Sponsored by Lenovo, Nutanix and Intel®, the Smarter Technology for the Next Reality keynote series lines up a talented array of IT industry luminaries who will explain how today’s technology trends are shaping the societies and economies of tomorrow.

Registering for the Smarter Technology for Next Reality series will not just give you access to the keynotes from Professor Black and other renowned speakers such as forecaster Shivvy Jervis, a recording of which is available here. It also provides access to a raft of other material, including analyst reports, white papers, infographics, and customer stories that will help put the future in context, brought to you by Lenovo, Nutanix and Intel®.

So why not register today to hear Professor Black’s inspirational story and learn how technology can be a force for good in your life too. For more information visit our website: www.thenexttechreality.com.

Sponsored by Lenovo.

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