Edge. Smart Cities. Retail AI. Oh My!

Regular readers of The Next Platform know there are few more attention-grabbing tech events than Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC). From high-end graphics card updates to a wide array of end user stories and technical deep dives, there’s something for everyone, up and down the stack: hardware and software alike.

We wanted to point to some of compelling sessions you can register for here, all of which are free, and will keep informed and engaged on what Lenovo is doing in the game changing areas of digital twinning, AI at the edge, smart cities, retail AI and more—all with a GTC flair.

Some of the most anticipated sessions featuring Lenovo tech are listed below, along with the deep dives across the broader high-end computing spectrum.

For your GTC 2022 agenda:

  • Lenovo and NVIDIA: Bringing to Life a True-to-reality Simulation Platform from Base Design Collaboration to Full-scale Real-time Digital Twin [S42698]
    • With the new normal of work, employees need the tools to collaborate in real time, from anywhere, at any time. Lenovo is partnering with NVIDIA on real-time remote work capabilities enabled by Omniverse running on the latest NVIDIA GPU platforms. From simulations and digital twins to design and development workflows, employees can do their most creative work with this new modular development framework.
  • Deliver Faster Insights at the Edge [S42523]
    • As global connectivity continues to grow, so does the demand for greater compute capabilities at the edge. With more data than ever generated at the edge, where the users need it, it’s vital that businesses find solutions that reduce the time between analysis and action. Find out how you can have smarter businesses with lower data bandwidth and latency and faster insights with scalable edge solutions by Lenovo.
  • Why Project Monterey Innovative Architecture is Required for the New Generation of Applications [S41834]
    • VMware’s Project Monterey introduces new capabilities for vSphere, enabling new hardware to provide better security and higher network performance, especially with software-defined networks. Learn about Lenovo and NVIDIA’s joint solution and the value propositions it enables when running modern workloads over software-defined data center architecture.
  • Accelerated Data Centers Advancing Communities [S42376]
    • Learn how data centers are optimizing AI to advance communities and create innovation hubs through autonomous vehicles and public transportation, smart city initiatives that include climate change, and public/private collaborations. AI delivers powerful new ways to create more sustainable cities, leveraging advanced infrastructure to improve public services for residents and communities.
  • Transforming the Culture of Convenience: How AI Innovation is Creating a Frictionless Experience for Consumers [S42651]
    • Artificial Intelligence is helping C-stores make the consumer experience frictionless and significantly more pleasant. Leveraging AI-powered computer vision and NLP conversational AI unlocks enormous value for C-store operators eager to use technology to transform what’s possible in convenience. Join a CEO from an innovative C-store company, three executives from cutting-edge software companies, a retail expert from the largest GPU manufacturer, and an Edge AI expert to talk about real-life applications of AI-enabled C-store solutions that are already paying big dividends.

Registration is free. Don’t miss out on this amazing event and be among the first to hear what Lenovo is doing in this new era of AI.

Registration link: https://go.theregister.com/k/gtc_2022

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